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“we can watch x-files together while we browse the internet for info on area 51?”

August 27, 2017

I’m not sure the adjectives running through my head are quite descriptive enough to tell you about the morning, but I’ll give it my best shot, the old college try. (Every now and then I do like to pepper my musing with a few idioms.) Today is a delight filled with sunshine, blue skies, cool temperatures and no humidity. It is a quiet day, almost a throwback Sunday from the 50’s when church and Sunday family dinners were the highlights of the day.

I have a couple of errands. I need bird seed and the two things I mentioned yesterday: hot dogs and toilet paper. I also need to plant the flowers I bought the other day and any other perennials I might find today. Those are the only items on my lists, and my dance card is totally empty for the rest of the week. The plays are done, my friends are traveling and my larder is filled. I do have some laundry, as usual, but I haven’t yet run out of underwear. I was thinking a Mad Hatter move and ordering some new ones so I don’t have to do wash quite yet, but even I think that’s might be a bit extreme and massively lazy.

I heard acorns hitting the deck again yesterday. The spawns are at it again. I don’t go barefoot out there anymore, and poor Gracie yelped when she stepped on an acorn. The spawns seeking vengeance against me. I swear I heard cheering when I first stepped on an acorn remnant.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is celebrating its 40th anniversary. I’m watching it now which I expect explains my delay in posting. I can’t take my eyes off the screen when the UFO’s are on it. They are amazing with their colored lights, just like Barry said when he called them ice cream and toys. I smiled the whole time. It is still a wonder of a movie.

I’m in the camp of those who believe there is intelligent life elsewhere, not just on Earth, though I admit I sometimes wonder about Earth. It seems a bit of a conceit to think we are it.

“Every gift which is given, even though is be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.”

December 16, 2013

Today is sunny, windy and cold. The sun is muted, almost hazy. The pine branches sway a bit in the breeze. The day will keep getting colder so tonight will be a down comforter, stay warm night. It is a winter day at its best.

My back is better: less painful, mostly stiff. The lazy day I had yesterday was the perfect elixir. I have a few things to do today but nothing strenuous. I really need to decorate those trees. They are small so they won’t take too long. That will be my afternoon project.

My uptown had both a Grants and a Woolworths when I was a kid. Grant’s seemed to draw old ladies who spent time in the notions and cloth departments. The Woolworth’s Five and Dime was my favorite and the best of all stores. It had a bit of magic about it because you could find almost anything. It was where I Christmas shopped every year around this time. I needed five presents which had to total a dollar, a huge amount of money in those days. I walked up and down the aisles looking for those perfect gifts. My father was first as he was always the easiest: white handkerchiefs. He used them all the time, and I gave him new ones every Christmas the whole of his life. He was never a Kleenex guy. I sometimes bought my mother perfume in small decorated glass spray bottles, the ones with that little pump ball you pressed to make the spray work. Other times I’d buy a small sewing kit which had a few buttons just in case. Once in a while I’d buy her a pocketbook to read. I’d be drawn by the cover. Once I’d finished with my parents, it was on to my sisters and brother. They were really easy. Woolworth’s had a great toy section. The counter had wooden divides, and the toys, at eye level, were inexpensive. A balsa wood plane was for my brother. We all knew from experience that they flew best outside. If you flew them in the house, the tail section usually broke when the plane hit something. I remember how the wing slid into the plane’s body, and that had to be done gently. For my sisters, I had so many choices. There were plastic baby bottles for dolls. They had pretend milk which seemed to disappear as you feed your doll. Small plastic dolls were another choice. Their drawback was they dented, especially the faces, and once dented, they stayed that way. There were plastic balls, jacks and jewelry, mostly bracelets. I always got my sisters the same thing. It made it easier that way.

When I got home with my treasures, I’d wrap them behind the closed-door of my room. I think back then I used miles of scotch tape, but I always thought the gifts looked beautiful. I’d finish then go downstairs and ceremoniously place them under the tree. I’d move them about until the scene was perfect to my eye. I was always so proud of those gifts.

“Games lubricate the body and the mind.”

January 10, 2011

Yesterday I had all intentions of doing another entry so I got coffee, sat down, got comfy and turned on the computer, but it didn’t turn on, didn’t even make a clicking sound. I got on the floor and checked every cord, all eight hundred of them, and found two usb cords attached to the back of the computer but attached to nothing else. Still on the floor I followed every wire and found three which belonged to machines I no longer have. Now I had my cords down to seven hundred and ninety five ( counting the homeless usb cords), but my computer still wouldn’t start. I took out and then replaced all the cords. Nothing. Finally I gave up and sat down with a new, hot cup of coffee and started reading. Today a computer man came and lo and behold it was the power cord. It was plugged into a surge protector with battery back up and only one side of the surge protector worked, and it was not the computer side. I am $70.00 poorer but I have my computer back!

We had only 3 or so inches of snow over Saturday night, and it was a winter wonderland when I woke up on Sunday morning. The plow had been by, and it buried two of my three newspapers. The New York Times was the only one visible. An edge of its blue plastic stood up from the pile left by the plow. I had to wait until my driveway was plowed before the papers reappeared.

When I was a kid, we only had a toys or games which never needed a repair man. If the tire on my bike had a leak, I’d find it and fix it. If I’d misplaced a piece from a game, I’d use something else. A button worked just as well as the Monopoly shoe. Many of my games had those hit the arrow with your fingers counters so we always had one to use. I grew out of most of my games, and they sat, with all their pieces and boards and counters, on the closet shelf or in the cellar. Other games I never outgrew. Sorry is just about my favorite, and the game I still have is  over forty years old. It still has all its pieces, all of the men and all of the cards. The board isn’t even faded. It has aged better than I.

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