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“When I was a kid, if a guy got killed in a western movie I always wondered who got his horse”

May 18, 2012

Indeed, I am quite late today because I picked up my new car. Yup, my new car, which is very much out of character for me. Generally I buy used cars and keep them around 10 years then trade the old one for another used one. This time I traded my 2010 which had been a used car for a 2012 and the cost, besides the sales tax and the registration, was the year of payments I had already made. I’m talking brand new car here, another red Camry. The ding from hitting the mailbox is now a faint memory and Gracie gets to dog fur the whole back seat again despite the cover. I have to program my radio stations and the bluetooth then I’m set. I’m thinking balloons and confetti!!

My flight from Washington to Accra has been cancelled. All of the flights from Washington to Accra have been cancelled as United eliminated the route as not financially worthwhile. They offered my agent a variety of alternate possibilities all of which had at least one stop. He refused all of them then went looking and booked me on Delta out of JFK. The difference is there is no first class on Delta so I’m going business elite (I think). The trip will be 24 days instead of 28 but that’s no big deal. I’m going coach from Boston to NY but first on the way back so he is trying to get first class both ways.

The day is beautiful and predictions are the weekend will be as well. It won’t be as warm here as in Boston but it will be in the 60’s so I’m not going to complain. I’ve already put away my shoes and am wearing sandals so I am acknowledging the cold weather is gone for good!

This afternoon I’m going to see The Avengers: yup, a matinee! I promise not to throw a single Ju-ju Bead at anyone in front of me though it might be hard to resist. Years of Saturday matinees have given me a good arm and a sharp eye. Too bad they are talents wasting away!


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