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“The summer morn is bright and fresh, the birds are darting by As if they loved to breast the breeze that sweeps the cool clear sky.”

July 9, 2012

The morning is a delight. A breeze is blowing, and the air is cool. All my windows are opened for the first time in a few days, and I can feel cool air on my back from the window behind me. All the sounds of my world I can hear through the open windows: the birds, the baby next door and cars going down the street. It’s a wonderful day so far.

Last night was red carpet night, the first deck movie night. We started off with appetizers. The favorite was a new dip, a Mexican blanco queso dip, which was addicting. Dinner was sausages, four different kinds, smothered in peppers and onions and eaten in rolls. There were two side salads, pasta and fruit. Dinner was just right for a warm summer evening, and it was delicious. When we were finished, we got to the main event, the movie. It was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which two of my friends had never seen. They loved it and roared in laughter all the way through. During intermission we ate dessert, an ice cream pie with two wonderful ice creams, Chatham chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and coconut. It was perfect to cap off the meal. Of course, no movie is complete without some candy for munching. Last night it was malted milk balls and nonpareils.

I love deck movie night. It’s like a drive-in without the car and the long walk to the bathrooms and the concession stand. We even get to have a break. Next week the deck theater is presenting one of my all time favorite movies, Night of the Hunter. Two of its scenes give me chills every time I watch them. Robert Mitchum, the star, is pure evil. If you haven’t ever seen it, put it on the list to watch.

Today is a perfect day to sit outside and read. Looks as if I’ve planned my day!

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