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“May you live every day of your life.”

January 13, 2017

Today is the last of the warmth. Cold is coming tonight when it will be down to the 20’s. Luckily, though, the snow is gone, and the ground is far drier than it had been. The mud is back to dirt. It is time to wash the kitchen floor. It is filled with paw prints. I can’t remember when it was ever this dirty.

Gracie and I will be out and about today. I have a couple of stops to make. She would be disappointed if I didn’t take her.

My days lack structure. I read the papers and drink coffee in the morning, and that’s my only routine. Sometimes I make my bed but mostly I don’t. I eat when I’m hungry. Cereal and eggs are often lunch and even dinner, seldom breakfast. My fridge is filled with food easy to eat just as it is like tabouli, yesterday’s lunch. If I’m in the mood, I cook dinner. Chicken is a favorite. Mashed potatoes already cooked are generally my side of choice. I eat a vegetable if I have one. I buy salad in the bag and add things like dried cranberries. My bread is naan or pita bread for the hummus and tabouli. Around the middle of the month when my larder starts to get empty, I treat myself to take-out. My favorite place is Spinners where I can get Mexican, soup or pizza. I’m also a fan of Chinese food.

My bedtime is whenever I’m tired. It is usually after midnight, sometimes as late as two or three. I wake up whenever. This morning a phone call woke me at nine. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. The phone call was a robocall. I made coffee.

I pretty much wear the same type clothes every day: pants, a shirt and, in winter, a sweatshirt. Seldom do I go anywhere which demands dressy clothes. That’s just fine with me. If I go out to eat, I skip the sweatshirt.

My life is uncomplicated. I really enjoy it that way.



“I usually take a two-hour nap from one to four.”

July 10, 2015

Such a long day it has been. I guess it feels that way due to my industriousness. Early on I did a couple of errands, dropped a dog can on my toe gouging the toe then went to the hardware store and my pizza place, Spinners at Ring Brothers where I picked up an Italian bakery style pizza, the kind made on a sheet pan and cut into squares. The bakery in my home town usually had some in a glass case, and I always bought a piece. Rita, the owner of Spinners, made me one at no charge. She was happy to do it. I finished my errands, drove home, limped into the house, sat down for more coffee, had two pieces of pizza for breakfast and started to watch the 1951 black and white film The Man from Planet X. It’s best line so far, “You’ve taken the taste of tea right out of my mouth,” said by a frightened police officer.

Yesterday my computer screen went black, and the computer ate a CD. I could hear sounds so I knew the computer was on, but I could see nothing. I grabbed my iPad and did some hunting. My favorite suggestion was to hold the eject button and shake the computer. It reminded me of shaking my piggy bank and hoping for a dime. Another suggestion had to do with turning it off then on and holding the eject button the whole time. That worked but the screen was still black. I went hunting again. I tried a few ideas but none worked. Finally one had me holding four specific keys while turning the machine on and waiting for it to turn itself on and off a couple of times. That actually worked.

Last night the pouring rain woke me up. I could hear it hitting the air conditioner in my room. I listened a while then went back to sleep. When I woke up, the rain had stopped but everything was still wet. The day is cloudy and damp, a cuddle and take a nap day. Sun is expected later.

The idea of an afternoon nap would have horrified me when I was a kid. Daylight hours were meant for playing, for exploring and for riding my bike. At night I’d fall exhausted into bed. Sleep was never long in coming. Summer heat never mattered. I was too tired to care.

College was when I realized the therapeutic effects of naps. I’d study until late, get up early enough to make class then nap in the afternoon. I never chose to study in the afternoon. I swear my brain was more attuned to nighttime than daytime studying.

Ghana made naps official. Places like the post office closed from noon to two, and my students were required to have a rest period after classes. I now had the best reason to nap: experiencing Ghanaian customs and culture. Besides, the northern heat zapped my energy, and naps brought it back.

I still take naps. I don’t need an excuse or a reason. I like taking naps.

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