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“I don’t really believe in diets. I love food… If I deprive myself, I’m going to want it more. I snack on yogurt, raw cashews and cherry tomatoes.”

August 3, 2014

Yesterday it rained all day, sometimes it was heavy and sometimes it was misty. It was a chilly day, and I had to shut the doors and the window behind me. Today is dark and still chilly with damp. I’m going nowhere. I have no plans. I did a couple of loads of laundry yesterday and felt accomplished. Peapod is coming later. I knew it was time for an order when I used the last of my coffee. Last night my larder was so empty I had a pizza with sausage and onion delivered for dinner. Gracie and I shared the crust. We both enjoyed the pizza.

Life is slow. Even last night’s syfy movie didn’t hold my interest. Sharktopus was back. At the start they showed the ending of the first Sharktopus when he was blown up and small pieces of him floated down the river. I had just seen the first movie so I noticed something different. They had changed the ending so we could have a sequel. An egg type sac, not in the first movie, floated down the river into the sea and was caught in a net. When the sac was cut open, the smallest baby sharktopus was inside. It wasn’t a cute I am hybrid. You can figure out the rest of the movie.

One of my former students called this morning and we chatted a bit. Yesterday another called. I love that we stay in touch.

I am not loquacious today. My life has been quiet of late. I’ve been reading A Spy Among Friends, not my usual light summer novel when I am more often in the middle of a murder or several murders than a cadre of spies, but I find this book and its story of Kim Philby riveting.

Today is harvest day. Many of my cherry tomatoes are ready. I am already thinking of lunch and those tomatoes. A panini sounds perfect.

“Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re real quite lucky.”

July 28, 2014

Yesterday I decided I was perfectly content. At the time I was sitting in my AC cooled house watching a really, really bad science fiction movie called Sharktopus, hunting on-line for a DVD of The Thing with Two Heads and eating muhammara and bread. All of a sudden I had a revelation. I didn’t need a thing.

When I was growing up, people asked me what I wanted to be, but they never asked me how I wanted to feel. If you think about it, that seems a really important question. How did I want to greet every day of my life? Did I want to bemoan my fate or smile at the luck of having another day. I suppose I could have said that whatever I chose to do had to make me happy, but no little kid would think that in a million years. Besides, I was too busy thinking about the next day or the coming weekend, about as far ahead as I could handle. I knew I wanted to travel suffering as I was from Barrett syndrome, but I had no idea where. Somewhere, anywhere was okay with me. I didn’t have a plan. Traveling for the sake of traveling just hung around my head and never left.

In the long run, I have always been thankful for the trip of my life. It has been far more than I could ever have imagined. I’d tell ten-year old me to enjoy what’s coming. I’d also tell the young me not to worry. Bad times don’t last. Good memories do.

No question about it: I am content, and I greet every day with a grin.

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