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“Suddenly, the wind got hold of the hammock. Leaves murmured. It was cold and the sun had gone down.”

September 1, 2017

September has arrived far too quickly. The summer sped so fast I swear my body, especially my face, was contorted by the G-force acceleration. Today is even autumnal weather with temperatures in the high 60’s. Tonight will be even colder, the high 40’s, sweatshirt by day and warm blanket weather by night. The day is really pretty with a clear blue sky and lots of sun. The breeze is brisk so the trees and leaves are swaying. I filled the bird feeders yesterday, but I noticed they are only half full already. I have more seed in the trunk so I’ll fill the feeders again later.

My mother had a small flower garden on the side of her house beneath some kitchen windows. She had bird feeders among the flowers including a statue of St. Francis with his arm extended and his palm up so it could seed. She put a wire fence across the entrance of that garden to keep my dog Maggie away, but it seldom worked. She always found a way inside. I swear Maggie did it just to drive my mother crazy. I used to have to retrieve her and reset the fence. A while later, though, Maggie was back in the garden, and I was retrieving her again. It was a game she always played but only when the flowers were in bloom.

I always call this coming season fall rather than autumn. If I lived on a farm, I guess I’d call it the harvest season. When I was a kid, I figured it was called fall because of all the leaves falling off the trees. The sidewalks and the gutters were always covered or filled with leaves. I’d walk in the gutters on my way to school and kick the leaves all over. They’d mostly land in the street strewn about like a trail you could follow all the way from my house to school.

Fall eases us into winter. It’s a shoulder season. We have warm days then cold days hinting of winter. I open my windows during the day and close then at night. The house holds the night cold in the mornings now. The backyard is shadowed so it is chilly when I first take Gracie out. I beg her to hurry so we both can go back inside, me for coffee and warmth and her for breakfast. Today she didn’t linger.

“Adding kidney beans to his cottage cheese and pineapple was an act of bravery Dave had not intended.”

August 28, 2015

We are blessed with another lovely day, sunny but cool.

In the Cape Times was an article about the cranberry. The article explained how the cranberry is one of only three native fruits, the others being the blueberry and the Concord grape. It is close to cranberry harvesting time which usually starts in late September. I have sometimes been lucky enough to happen upon a harvest, always a wet harvest. I love seeing those beautiful red fruits floating in the water. The color is extraordinary.

There are two kinds of harvests: the wet and the dry. In the water harvest, the bogs are flooded the night before. The next day a paddle boat of sorts churns the water. The berries are dislodged and float to the surface because they are hollow inside then they are gathered together and finally loaded onto trucks. The other sort is a dry harvest. A mechanical picker acts a bit like a lawnmower and combs the berries off the vine and deposits them in burlap bags hanging off the harvester. The best berries come from the dry harvest.

Once my brother, urged on by me, ate a red berry. It was poisonous and he had to have his stomach pumped. Now it makes me wonder who was the first to try cranberries or anything growing wild. I can imagine it now: the circle stands around the tribesman who volunteered. He takes a few berries, chews then swallows. The circle waits to see if he’ll survive. If he doesn’t, that’s one more berry crossed off the list. I’d watch the birds. I read it is safe to eat what they eat.

In Ghana I saw pineapples and bananas growing. I thought it was kind of neat to see them, not many chances around here. The pineapples surprised me. I figured their weight kept them close to the ground, but I was amazed to see them standing tall in the middle of a plant, one fruit to each plant. Bananas grow just like I imagined.

I like fresh cranberries and cranberry sauce from the can. I have made my own sauce but I have a warm spot for the canned sauce with the decorative rings. I love pineapples and bananas.

I would never volunteer to taste a berry.

“I don’t really believe in diets. I love food… If I deprive myself, I’m going to want it more. I snack on yogurt, raw cashews and cherry tomatoes.”

August 3, 2014

Yesterday it rained all day, sometimes it was heavy and sometimes it was misty. It was a chilly day, and I had to shut the doors and the window behind me. Today is dark and still chilly with damp. I’m going nowhere. I have no plans. I did a couple of loads of laundry yesterday and felt accomplished. Peapod is coming later. I knew it was time for an order when I used the last of my coffee. Last night my larder was so empty I had a pizza with sausage and onion delivered for dinner. Gracie and I shared the crust. We both enjoyed the pizza.

Life is slow. Even last night’s syfy movie didn’t hold my interest. Sharktopus was back. At the start they showed the ending of the first Sharktopus when he was blown up and small pieces of him floated down the river. I had just seen the first movie so I noticed something different. They had changed the ending so we could have a sequel. An egg type sac, not in the first movie, floated down the river into the sea and was caught in a net. When the sac was cut open, the smallest baby sharktopus was inside. It wasn’t a cute I am hybrid. You can figure out the rest of the movie.

One of my former students called this morning and we chatted a bit. Yesterday another called. I love that we stay in touch.

I am not loquacious today. My life has been quiet of late. I’ve been reading A Spy Among Friends, not my usual light summer novel when I am more often in the middle of a murder or several murders than a cadre of spies, but I find this book and its story of Kim Philby riveting.

Today is harvest day. Many of my cherry tomatoes are ready. I am already thinking of lunch and those tomatoes. A panini sounds perfect.

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