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“Joy is the feeling of grinning inside.”

March 2, 2012

Rain maybe later tonight, but for now it has stopped. Last night the rain had an icy feel about it, and being outside felt miserable. Today is brighter with white clouds, and I’ll take it and be glad.

Gracie and I will hit the dump later today, one of her all time favorite trips. The trunk is already filled, and I just have to find the ambition.

When I was a kid, the simplest things gave me joy. I loved walking through the piles of leaves beside the sidewalk. I’d kick the piles using one foot then the other and the leaves would fly through the air to the left and the right of me. Behind me, I’d leave a trail of leaves on the sidewalk and the street.

Riding my bike down a gigantic hill always made me feel as if I would take flight. My hair would fly in the wind propelled by the speed, and my grin would get broader and broader as I went faster and faster.

Lying on my back in the coolness of the grass on a summer’s night was the best way to watch the evening’s light show courtesy of the stars and the brightness of the night sky. I could see the Milky Way filled with its blanket of stars, and if I were really lucky, I’d see a falling star and make a wish.

The days and nights were filled with the sounds of insects. At night I’d fall asleep to the chirping of the katydid though I didn’t know its name back then, and I never asked. I just loved the music. During the day it was the grasshoppers in the deep meadow grass below my house. They’d jump as I walked through the grass, and sometimes I’d catch them in my bare hands then just let them go.

Fireflies are still magical to me. I used to imagine they were fairies that looked a bit like Tinker Bell. Even now when I see one, I follow it with my eyes until it flies away out of my sight. We used to catch them and put them in a jar and just watch the lights glow for a while then we’d set them free.

I have time again to see my world more slowly and I find myself awed by the simple things, the same way as when I was a kid. The night sky gives me pause, and I stand and look at the stars and still hope to see a falling star so I can make a wish. I sit outside during the meteor showers and find myself oohing out loud at their beauty. I love to watch the snow fall at night lit by my backdoor light. The birds in the morning are my favorite singers. They give joy to the start of my day. I love to sit outside at night and listen to the insects, the frogs at the small pond and singing of the night birds. My life is filled with joy.


“Mine is the night, with all her stars.”

August 12, 2010

I slept with an open window and fresh air last night, the first night in a long time without the air conditioning blasting. Tonight and the next few nights should be about the same. The humidity will return on Monday. I mean, really, what’s August without sweating at the least bit of activity, needing multiple showers each day just to feel clean and being constantly grouchy and tired from the heat.

Tonight is the Perseid meteor shower with the best viewing around 4 or 5 AM. I’ll be out there with my lounge chair just waiting to be awed. It’s  a yearly ritual for me. I take a nap in the late afternoon so I can be up all hours. Around 3 I head outside and get comfy. One year the meteors were so beautiful and plentiful I couldn’t help but ooh and ah out loud, but nobody heard me. All the houses around me were dark. I was the only spectator lucky enough to be watching the most beautiful display in the night sky.

The stars are overpowering in their beauty. Some nights they fill the sky, and I sit outside just to look. When I was a little kid, a falling star was an event. The first one to see it would yell and point and we’d all make wishes. Back then there were far fewer man made lights to compete with a starry night, and the sky was always ablaze with twinkling stars. I remember my dad pointing out the North Star and the big and little dippers. He said we’d never get lost if we knew where to look. I remember the trail of light, the Milky Way, looking like a road across the sky. Nothing was better on a hot summer night than lying on the cool grass looking at the night sky and hoping to see a falling star.

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