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“Mine is the night, with all her stars.”

August 12, 2010

I slept with an open window and fresh air last night, the first night in a long time without the air conditioning blasting. Tonight and the next few nights should be about the same. The humidity will return on Monday. I mean, really, what’s August without sweating at the least bit of activity, needing multiple showers each day just to feel clean and being constantly grouchy and tired from the heat.

Tonight is the Perseid meteor shower with the best viewing around 4 or 5 AM. I’ll be out there with my lounge chair just waiting to be awed. It’s  a yearly ritual for me. I take a nap in the late afternoon so I can be up all hours. Around 3 I head outside and get comfy. One year the meteors were so beautiful and plentiful I couldn’t help but ooh and ah out loud, but nobody heard me. All the houses around me were dark. I was the only spectator lucky enough to be watching the most beautiful display in the night sky.

The stars are overpowering in their beauty. Some nights they fill the sky, and I sit outside just to look. When I was a little kid, a falling star was an event. The first one to see it would yell and point and we’d all make wishes. Back then there were far fewer man made lights to compete with a starry night, and the sky was always ablaze with twinkling stars. I remember my dad pointing out the North Star and the big and little dippers. He said we’d never get lost if we knew where to look. I remember the trail of light, the Milky Way, looking like a road across the sky. Nothing was better on a hot summer night than lying on the cool grass looking at the night sky and hoping to see a falling star.

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