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What’s right is beautiful: what’s beautiful breeds joy: what breeds joy is goodness.”

June 29, 2012

I can feel the warmth coming. It’s that sort of a morning, a morning still and dark, a humid morning. Sounds seem louder: a dog barking from down the street, cars going by the house and the clicking of Gracie’s collar when she runs around the yard. Every now and then she comes into the house usually panting from her run. Gracie just wants a pat and the assurance I’m still here then she goes back outside.

Tonight is a play and that’s it for my weekend dance card, but I’m just fine with indolence. I figure the deck is as fine a place as any to spend my time.

I seldom watch TV in the daytime, but today I made an exception. The Brink’s Job is offered On Demand. I love that movie because it takes place in Boston and a couple of scenes are in the town where I grew up. They chose it because the uptown was frozen in time, a perfect 50’s time. Since then, however, uptown has changed, but in the movie I get to see my town, the one I remember from my childhood.

I need to get a couple of passport pictures so I can send for my Ghanaian visa. Last year the visa ran out before I left, but, just as I expected, no one noticed when I was leaving. Ghana takes a lackadaisical approach to both entires and departures. No one checked my yellow shot record when I arrived, and they took only a cursory look at my passport. All of that reminded me of a re-entry when I was in the Peace Corps and returning to Ghana after traveling. I was at Kotoka International and was denied re-entry despite my resident’s visa and my re-entry permit. A cholera epidemic had started while I was gone and without a shot I couldn’t enter. I explained I wasn’t a casual visitor: I lived in Ghana and wanted to go home. No was the answer. I then asked the official if he’d let me in if I raised my right hand and swore to God to get a shot. He said yes so I swore to get a shot and off I went right to Peace Corps where I got the shot just as I promised.

“I stopped reading science fiction once I saw that the UFO was real. It became science fact that just hasn’t been proven yet.”

September 21, 2010

It was an early morning appointment which put me behind, an alarm setting early morning appointment. It was a shock when I first heard the radio and saw the time. I have come to love waking up whenever and slowly making my way into the day.

On the way back from Hyannis, I took the long way home, Route 28. I noticed some buildings have disappeared since I last took that road. One was a guest house where college kids used to stay all summer. A dirt filled lot sits where the house used to stand. Friendly’s has been torn down, and an almost completed CVS will replace it. Just what we need, another CVS, a behemoth with no local personality or flavor. As I was driving, I saw so many other changes and remembered what some of the buildings used to be. Johnnie Yee’s was our favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s now a buffet place catering to tourists, a squat, gray building with no personality. Fruitland was an all purpose store with a meat counter and a great variety of groceries. It was reincarnated several times but nothing lasted. It’s now an empty building. The Gay Nineties was a perfect place to take company to eat good food and listen to great music. It was right across the street from the Barefoot Trader Gift Shop. The two buildings are still there. The Gay Nineties has been replaced by an antique store and the gift shop has become outlet stores including Bass shoes and a shirt company. My parents used to bring relatives to the Compass Lounge where the waiters and waitresses would break into song, mostly show songs. Later it became a nightclub. Now it’s a CVS.

I got tired of 28 so I took the back road through the historical district. The shoe repair shop is still there, and it was open. It reminded me of the cobbler’s shop in the town where I grew up. I never saw the cobbler standing. He was always bent over one of those metal shoes lasts working on resoling somebody’s shoe. He wore an apron. A pile of shoes stretched across and filled the counter. Pairs were tied together with a tag. The shop smelled of polish and leather.

I swear we have been invaded, and we don’t know it. The aliens are disguised as workers in CVS stores across the country. The stores all look alike, these Stepford stores, and enough will soon be build so the aliens can show their hands or suction cups or webfeet or whatever it is theses aliens have. The one thing I know is germs won’t defeat this bunch.

The Morning Side of the Mountain: Tommy Edwards

June 19, 2010

From The Complete Hits of Tommy Edwards

Chelsea Morning: Joni Mitchell

May 22, 2010

Indulge me!

From 1969's Clouds

Moody Manitoba Morning: The Bells

May 22, 2010

I played this song by another singer on the blog formerly known as Keep the Coffee Coming, and it was suggested I listen to the original by The Bells. Here they are. This song was a hit in 1969.

In the Early Morning Rain: Jerry Lee Lewis

May 22, 2010

This one came from my friend Pete. He opened my eyes to the talent of Jerry Lee Lewis whom I'd relegated to some forgotten fifties' place. It's from 1973 and The Session.

When I Woke Up This Morning: The Citadels

May 22, 2010

I have no idea where this came from-it was there in my files waiting to be used.