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“An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger. ”

January 29, 2017

Snow flurries just passing through are predicted then a rise in temperature to 44˚. That’s a wild weather day. Is it winter? Not this month it hasn’t been, but chills are on the way. Daytime will be in the 30’s starting tomorrow and nights will be even colder.

My first watch had Cinderella on its face. I was seven years old, and it was a First Communion present from my aunt who had taught me to tell time. When I turned 50, my mother gave me a beautiful watch with silver decorations around its face. That watch I still have.

I grew up in the days of analog, not digital time. Back then learning to tell time meant understanding things like quarter past the hour, half past and quarter to. Now it is simply 8:15, 8:30 or 8:45.

We had rabbit ears. I remember it was brown and had a dial with two choices on the front. That rabbit earred antenna sat on the wide top of our wooden TV console. Sometimes my dad wrapped aluminum foil around the ears to get us a better picture. Mostly he was trying to get rid of snow. He’d move one ear then the other then the whole antenna. He was never patient.

When we moved to the cape, we had to have an antenna on the roof or you could only get one channel, Channel 6. I remember coming home from school, turning on the TV and watching The Lloyd Thaxton Show on that channel. It was a sort of Bandstand show only it was more. There wasn’t just dancing or rating records or singers lip-syncing to their hit records. Sometimes they’d be skits and a bit of comedy. I remember Lloyd. He always wore a suit, the wardrobe of the day for men. His ties were skinny ties.

When I was a kid, TV was still wondrous. I watched it every afternoon and loved Saturday mornings with the cartoons and kid shows like Andy’s Gang, Kit Carson and Kukla, Fran and Ollie. I was a Hopalong fan, and I loved The Cisco Kid. “Cisco, wait for me,” was his sidekick Pancho’s line in the opening. For some reason that has always stuck with me. It is one of those close my eyes and see it all sort of things.

Gracie and I didn’t have a great night. She didn’t feel good, and I slept intermittently because I was worried. I kept checking to hear if was breathing. I fed her some spider plant fronds, and she felt better for it. Now she is just fine and sleeping on the couch; however, I am exhausted. I see a nap coming.

“Life isn’t all beer and skittles, but beer and skittles, or something better of the same sort, must form a good part of every Englishman’s education.”

March 15, 2012

This morning I stood outside admiring my flowers. Several crocus (I know it has a first declension Latin masculine ending so it is really croci) are blooming. Most are purple and yellow. Any day now my daffodils will open and so will a few flowers outside the fence. I always want a party when the first flowers bloom. It seems a celebratory time needing funny hats, horn blowing and colorful mismatched clothing.

The sun is bright, but it is only 43°. After the Cape finally reached 60°, my expectations have risen. The weatherman says a warm spell is on the way, and Boston will be in the high 70’s so we’ll be in the 60’s again. I’ve got to remember my sunscreen.

I cleaned another cabinet and the bookcase in the kitchen. The bookcase is filled with special cookbooks I collect, those with recipes inspired by novels, and neat stuff like Davy Crockett bowls and a glass, a Hopalong Cassidy milk bottle, an old A&W mug and lots of other stuff including tacky souvenirs from places I’ve never been. I took everything knickknackty off the bookcase and washed or polished everything. Now I wear sunglasses to protect me from the glare in the kitchen. I have a couple of other cabinets I still need to tackle but not today. It’s my day off the mundane.

Tonight is trivia night, and the whole team will be there. It’s dinner out, a few drinks and several  futile attempts to rack my brain for answers I should know but have totally forgotten. It is sometimes a humbling night.

Sorry was our favorite family game but second to that was Go to the Head of the Class. I have my family’s original Go to the Class Game from around 1955 I think. My mother gave it to me for my school-themed bathroom. One of these nights I’m going to pull it out so my friends and I can play. The questions are age-related so adults can play. My parents used to play with us. They got to be Mommy and Daddy, two of the cardboard pieces. I think my brother was Cowboy Joe and I was Sis. The originators (Milton Bradley) weren’t too  imaginative with the names. The board is filled with desks and you keep moving to the top row, the head of the class. It was one of our favorite games.

I remember endless games of Slapjack and War. The problem with Slapjack was the first person to slap the Jack got slapped by everyone else trying to snag the card, and the backs of  our hands stayed red most of the game. We’d actually play War until its conclusion. I can’t imagine that.

Well, I’m done. I have some prep for tonight’s trivia. I have to check out a map of the world. I’m okay with most parts, but I’m really bad with which countries abut each other in Asia and parts of the Middle East.  I want to be ready for all the geography questions tonight.

“Movies are a complicated collision of literature, theatre, music and all the visual arts.”

January 23, 2011

The weatherman was right: it’s cold. When I went to bed last night, it was 16°. Right now it’s 27°, the high for the day. Earlier this morning we had snow flurries, but the sun appeared and chased the flurries away. The sun, though, is really just an ornament, something pretty but useless.

I still think of Sunday as a day of rest. After breakfast, I came home, got comfy, grabbed another cup of coffee and finished reading the papers. An early afternoon nap is on my to do list. I’m already yawning.

I am not fond of westerns. High Noon and She Wears a Yellow Ribbon are the only two I’ll always watch. There are a few others I might watch like Shane or Butch Cassidy but only if nothing better is on TV. Mostly I shy away from westerns. I blame my childhood for this. For years all I watched were western TV shows. On Saturday morning, when I was young, it was The Cisco Kid, Roy and Dale, Sky King, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, Annie Oakley and my personal favorite, The Lone Ranger, to name just a few. At night, it seemed as if every station aired a western or two. If I started a list here, it would extend for most of the page. I was westerned out by the time I reached high school.

Some of my favorite movies are old ones in B&W. I will always watch Gunga Din, Arsenic and Old Lace, Psycho (though I still hate the shower scene), To Kill a Mockingbird and my personal favorite, Casablanca. There are more, but these are the ones which popped into my head. Oops, Dr. Strangelove just popped in.

I will watch any of the old science fiction movies. Some are quite good though they are far outweighed by the bad ones, the ones  I also love to watch. The good ones include The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Thing, Them and all the classics made in the 30’s.

I own several of these movies, but I still always watch them when they appear on TV. Most times they’re on Turner Classic Movies, one of my favorite channels. If I notice one of them is listed, I make sure I have plenty of popcorn. Every now and then I add Good & Plenty, my favorite matinee candy when I was a kid.