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“They talked in the shorthand of old friends and shared memories.”

October 11, 2015

Where have I been? I’ve been right here at my computer tearing out my hair and cursing. I upgraded my Mac to El Capitan, the newest operating system. Everything went just fine until this morning when I found my computer running in a gentle lope across cyberspace. I checked and the computer had jumped to the xfinitywifi so I clicked MissKat, my wifi. It wouldn’t connect so I jumped right back on xfinity to do some sleuthing. It seems that El Capitan and Linksys haven’t yet to meet each other so my MAC wouldn’t recognize my wifi. I went hunting to find a solution and didn’t find one. I then tried to connect with the Linksys set-up, but it was taking so long I had time to go downstairs and put my laundry in to wash. It never did connect. I’m now thinking I’ll go back to Yosemite where my Linksys was quite happy and comfortable and felt right at home.

Last night was the dinner, the last reunion event. It was wonderful. I loved it when the cheese, dip and all else hand food lady told me she expected the elderly when she heard it was a 50th reunion. She told me we didn’t look old at all. I’m thinking it was a compliment but maybe it was in comparison to her mental images of what we should look like. The food was delicious and the venue was perfect. It is an old bank, the same one where my parents had had their mortgage. It has been renovated into the Yarmouth Social Center which hosts a variety of events like music, art shows and one I loved, costumes from movies. More people were there last night than at the cocktail party so I got to see more of my classmates. One, whose brother was also in our class, connected with him in FaceTime. He is at the Mayo Clinic. She went from table to table so we could all say hello.

The evening ended early, but every minute of it was filled to the brim with remembered friendships and memories. I think that is best part of any reunion.

“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet. Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”

January 26, 2014

Today is sunny but really cold. Last night when we left the restaurant, it was snowing, that heavy wet snow you know will be trouble when temperatures drop later at night. Now the old snow has a new top layer, a crunchy layer because those flakes became ice, and all the surfaces are slick making walking potentially dangerous, especially for me, prone as I am to falling. It is going to be 40˚ on Tuesday. These changes in weather are making me crazy.

When we were in the Peace Corps, conversations often revolved around food, usually the food we didn’t have and missed. Cheese was big on the list. Ghanaians don’t drink or sell milk so nobody makes cheese. We had to make do with evaporated milk from cans and eave cheese to our imaginings. Mostly, though, we missed vegetables. We could only get tomatoes, onions, garden eggs, FraFra potatoes in September and yam all the time. Back then even the lowly green pepper reached an exalted status. Bill, Peg and I ate dinner together every night. It was generally beef which had been cooked in a tomato-based sauce or roast chicken and both were served with mashed yams, a far drier version of mashed potatoes, or rice. One year the rains were late so the crops were late, and we ate so much rice that when I got home I didn’t eat any rice for a couple of years. I had had my fill.

All of us have been back to Ghana recently: Bill and Peg this last September and me in 2011 and 2012, and we were all surprised by the foods we found in the markets: exalted green peppers, watermelons, avocados and even pumpkins, some of the foods we dreamed or talked about over dinner, the same dinner we had night after night. Accra has pretty much anything you want for food, and you can even find cheese in the obruni (white person) stores. All you need is lots of money.

Bill and Peg just left to go back to New Hampshire. The weekend went far too quickly. I will miss their company, the laughs we had and the memories we shared. They are old friends who are among the best of my friends.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

March 21, 2013

The clouds still blanketed the sky when I woke up, but I am passed caring. The dull, dark days have been the norm for months or even years: I’ve lost count. The sun appears periodically during a piece of the day, and I get so excited by the sight of if I think we should all dance in the streets wearing brightly colored clothes and flowers in our hair to commemorate the occasion. Then the sun disappears and toys with us no more. Today has just become one of those days. The sun has broken through the clouds, and the sky is turning blue. It’s cold, but it’s sunny. I’m okay with that.

Happy spring! We celebrated yesterday with our annual ceremony: sunrise at the beach, a few songs and then breakfast. Yesterday, though, was a bit different. It was so cold Clare, Tony and I sat in the car and waited. When the sun rose above the water, we ran out for pictures and sang Morning has Broken at a quick pace then ran back into the car to sing Rockin’ Robin. Usually we find a shell to remember the day, but this year we didn’t. The sand was hard and the wind was whipping so much none of us wanted to brave the elements to go down by the water. We watched the sun for a bit then left the beach and went to a new spot for us for breakfast called Good Friends. It is a small place with a paneled pine wall on one side, very old Cape Cod interior decorating still found in some rental cottages. My breakfast was delicious. When I got home, I went back to bed.

My back is troublesome, wincing, yelping troublesome. Luckily I had my yearly physical yesterday, and the doctor gave me some pills to alleviate the pain, and he wants my back x-rayed. I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ve already taken this morning’s pills, and now I’m ready to dance. I will, of course, be wearing my brightly colored clothes.

When I was little, I had a million dreams. None of them had to do with money or being rich. They were dreams of adventure and daring and seeing the world. I’ve been lucky and have lived many of those dreams. This morning, while I was waiting for the monkey poop coffee to drip, I watched the birds through the window and thought about dreams, my now dreams. Amazingly they haven’t really changed much though money has crept in as a part of those dreams. I want to go to Botswana on a safari and see the Okavango Delta, and I want one more trip to Ghana. Both of those are expensive so I got to thinking about an austerity campaign to save money. I like my creature comforts, but I figure giving up a few is a small sacrifice to fulfill some dreams.

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