“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

The clouds still blanketed the sky when I woke up, but I am passed caring. The dull, dark days have been the norm for months or even years: I’ve lost count. The sun appears periodically during a piece of the day, and I get so excited by the sight of if I think we should all dance in the streets wearing brightly colored clothes and flowers in our hair to commemorate the occasion. Then the sun disappears and toys with us no more. Today has just become one of those days. The sun has broken through the clouds, and the sky is turning blue. It’s cold, but it’s sunny. I’m okay with that.

Happy spring! We celebrated yesterday with our annual ceremony: sunrise at the beach, a few songs and then breakfast. Yesterday, though, was a bit different. It was so cold Clare, Tony and I sat in the car and waited. When the sun rose above the water, we ran out for pictures and sang Morning has Broken at a quick pace then ran back into the car to sing Rockin’ Robin. Usually we find a shell to remember the day, but this year we didn’t. The sand was hard and the wind was whipping so much none of us wanted to brave the elements to go down by the water. We watched the sun for a bit then left the beach and went to a new spot for us for breakfast called Good Friends. It is a small place with a paneled pine wall on one side, very old Cape Cod interior decorating still found in some rental cottages. My breakfast was delicious. When I got home, I went back to bed.

My back is troublesome, wincing, yelping troublesome. Luckily I had my yearly physical yesterday, and the doctor gave me some pills to alleviate the pain, and he wants my back x-rayed. I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ve already taken this morning’s pills, and now I’m ready to dance. I will, of course, be wearing my brightly colored clothes.

When I was little, I had a million dreams. None of them had to do with money or being rich. They were dreams of adventure and daring and seeing the world. I’ve been lucky and have lived many of those dreams. This morning, while I was waiting for the monkey poop coffee to drip, I watched the birds through the window and thought about dreams, my now dreams. Amazingly they haven’t really changed much though money has crept in as a part of those dreams. I want to go to Botswana on a safari and see the Okavango Delta, and I want one more trip to Ghana. Both of those are expensive so I got to thinking about an austerity campaign to save money. I like my creature comforts, but I figure giving up a few is a small sacrifice to fulfill some dreams.

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26 Comments on ““Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Words that shouldn’t go together in a sentence: waiting for the monkey poop coffee to drip. 😀 😀 😀

    Yesterday was a crappy first day of spring. Even Rocky wanted no part of outside and stayed curled up on the couch. The sun did come out later in the day and warmed up the porch but it was too little, too late.
    And now it is spitting snow. Just what is needed after spending the morning in the dentist’s chair getting drilled and filled. 😛

    I have no dreams of far away places. Right now, I’d settle for Austin, TX and a visit with friends that live there. Where it’s warm. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the day. 🙂

    • Hi Caryn,
      I wish I could convince you how tasty it is!

      The sun I mentioned toyed with us yet again and is now gone. The day is dull and gray again. I have to go by dog food so I will have to go out at some point. Her food comes from Agway so no delivery.

      I just ordered from Peapod fro tomorrow’s delivery. I love doing that!

      As long as I’m warm and cozy I’m fine staying here, but if I travel, I want it to be far away and exotic.

      I’m going to read a bit.

      Have a great day!

      • Caryn Says:

        Peapod is coming to me tomorrow, too. Love it. No more blocked aisles. No more ditherers with coupons holding up the line.
        I sigh with happiness each time I click the checkout button. Done and done! 🙂

        I lack finely tuned coffee appreciation taste buds so monkey poop would probably be wasted on me.
        I’m good with a venti Starbucks.

      • Caryn,
        I love Starbucks, and I do miss buying its coffee as the only one is in the Stop and Shop.

        It is now a pleasure to grocery shop. I also find it cheaper as nothing catches my eye.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Happy spring? Good joke! Yesterday it snowed all day long and the train traffic was disastrous. Sometimes I miss my car. Hey, this is Central-Europe, where is the gulf stream when we need it???
    Just curious, are any of your Cape spring photos online?
    I hope your back will recover soon.

    • olof1 Says:

      The gulf stream is not up here either! At least we missed most of the snow up here but we still have plenty of time to get more 🙂

    • Birgit,
      I am being hopeful at best. We had snow flurries today, but it is indeed officially spring.

      I have been really bad with pictures. The last time I tried to post I ran into big time trouble so I haven’t tried again, but I don’t have any spring pictures. I’ll have to work on that.

      Thanks on the back. The muscle relaxer is helping.

      • Thank you, Caryn
        They brought back the belief that there will be a spring. I just have to be patient. The snow will melt, and I’ll see my crocus again. The sun will shine, and I won’t have to wear warm clothes. Even now the sun is breaking through, maybe an apology from Mother Nature for her cruel trick of last night’s snow.

        I will take spring pictures of the cape for you when spring finally arrives!

    • Caryn Says:

      Here’s some spring for you Birgit. Unfortunately these pics are from two years ago. There’s no spring around here yet except for the skunk cabbage. Very few people appreciate skunk cabbage. 🙂

  3. olof1 Says:

    Nasty cold and strong winds here but sunshine all day. It will stay like that for a while but it’s impossible to enjoy the sun while gale force winds howl around the corners 🙂

    Problems with Your back again! I hope You don’t have to go through surgery again!

    I can’t remember having many dreams when I was a kid, I know I wanted to live in the countryside and have dogs, cats and a cow of all things 🙂 I’m close to that though living right beside a farm 🙂 🙂 The other dreams You already know I think, Going to the Amazon river and Mississippi river, and see a wombat in the real before I die 🙂 But as You say, money always comes in the way.

    Spring isn’t even close yet, 14F at nights and tonight will be even colder and barely 32 during the sunny day. But at the moment I’m happy as long as it doesn’t snow 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Christer,
      The sunshine disappeared quickly, and we also had on and off snow flurries. It has been cold all day long.

      The pain is in one spot as opposed to before when it was across the back. I am supposed to have an x-ray tomorrow so maybe they’ll find nothing. I refuse another surgery.

      Living in the country and having animals sounds like a dream to me. All you’re missing is the cow! You’ll get there some day!

      Spring still isn’t ere yet either. It’s only on the calendar!

      Enjoy the evening!

  4. Bob Says:

    Happy vernal equinox everyone! Today is also world Down Syndrome day and my mother’s birthday. If she were alive she would be 94 but she only lived 41 years. Today is Down Syndrome day because Down Syndrome is caused by a trisomy of the 21st chromosome. Today we celebrate the accomplishments of people, like my daughter, who were born with this chromosome problem but though special education and job training they are becoming useful citizens. My daughter became eligible and voted for the first time in November’s Presidential election.

    Today in North Texas it has been cloudy and blustery with the high temperature of 74 degrees. When it’s 105 outside in August I will dream about the first day of spring and comfortable weather.

    • Bob,
      Happy vernal equinox to you as well. I m very sorry your mother died so young. I always think they should be invulnerable and live forever. Your daughter must have been so excited to vote for the first time. I remember how excited I was.

      When I was growing up, my friend had two cousins with Down Syndrome, and their futures were bleak. There was no educational component and expectations were quite low as to their abilities. I am so happy to know that your daughter will have a far different future than they had.

      74˚ sounds just perfect. Lat year it was in the low 70’s on the first day of spring. This year it was freezing!

      • Bob Says:

        It was a much different world when you and I were growing up. People with disabilities were warehoused in State run institutions where they languished. Many people with Down Syndrome are born with heart defects and before modern heart surgery they didn’t live very long. Because President H.W. Bush signed the Individuals with Disability Education Act in 1990, kids with all types of disabilities must now be educated in the least restrictive environment. This law provides for early childhood eduction, public preschool for children with disabilities and annual ARD meetings with special education teachers, parents and principals. Together they create individualized education goals which must be reviewed annually. Now kids with disabilities can expect to live near normal lives. Unfortunately, the Federal Government has never fully funded the act and many states, like Texas, go the cheap route to meet the minimum requirements of the law.

      • Bob,
        That was the problem with the law from the beginning: it wasn’t sufficiently funded. States had to bear the burden of paying and for some states it was a burden.

        Early intervention is the key and kids with disabilities now get a running start with so many programs beginning for them when they’re tiny and young.

        The state cut back on funding so my district struggled to have enough money to fund all the programs. The budget came from local taxes and voters did not support tax increases, even small ones. It didn’t matter that the district was not wasteful. People just didn’t want to pay more for schools. I never understood that. Good schools draw people to buy houses in the area and the newcomers support all the businesses in the community. It makes no sense still.

  5. Cuidado Says:

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your back again. We are having a Nor’easter today, the second storm this week. Spring looks far away.

    • Cuidado,
      Thank you! I am not happy at all with the flare up. The doctor did give me some good pills for the pain, but the mornings are tough. I ooh and agh my way out of bed downstairs. I have no idea what happened.

  6. splendid Says:

    Happy Spring! Thank you all for inspiring and uplifting posts–I can glean a positive note from everyone:) Money is always a concern but it always shall be–live now, go while you are healthy and able! Go against your rules–put it on a credit card, you can spend the rest of your life repaying it and remembering your adventures…Worse than dying tomorrow is living a life with regrets…I only hope when my youngest is gone to college I will take my own advice…I have seen far too many loved ones sitting by the window wondering where their life went–how it passed so quickly!
    Love to you all! xoxox

    • Splendid,
      My parents always wanted to travel and finally did when my youngster sister was out of school and working. They went on a few cruises then made a huge leap and went to Egypt, long a dream of theirs. After that they traveled every eta.

      You are right about paying it off later and enjoying it now. I, however, am now paying off last year’s so in another year I can start all over again.

      Soon enough you’ll be traveling and seeing the world!

  7. Vintage Spins Says:

    March 21, the first day of spring, and a snowstorm had the last laugh on us yesterday. The flakes were light and fluffy though and didn’t hang around for very long.

    If I’d pursued my dreams when a young woman, I think they would have had to rush my mother to the hospital!

    Kat, I hope your back pain eases up today. It can really cramp one’s style. (Maybe, as I do, you like to put on some tunes and dance around your living room 😉 !)


    • Marie,
      They stayed right here last night. I figure about 5 inches but it’s hard to guess as some spots have fewer with the drifts. The sun has come out and is melting the snow in the road. I guess the town was smart not to plow after all.

      When I went into the Peace Corps, I was 21. My father forbade me when he heard, but I just shrugged and laughed and said he’d have to tie me in the closet to keep me from going. I know they were afraid for me as Africa back then was fairly unknown. My mother cried when I called to say good-bye the night before we left for Ghana.

      No dancing yet. Tunes sound perfect though!

  8. vintagespins Says:


    I am in awe when I hear about such courage and confidence. My friends are all great achievers, and I’ve often struggled to understand why I couldn’t utilize my talents in a more substantial way when I was young. I understand to a much greater extent now – better late than never, they so truthfully say. Still, if I’d known someone like you when I was a teenager, it would have been very inspiring! Failing that, an older brother or sister to siphon off some of the flack, might also have been very useful. 😉

    (The Springfields song has been repaired – you might need to refresh the page if you’re still on it.)


    • Marie,
      I have no idea why I chose to go. It just seemed right somehow. My nephew just came back from a year working as a cook in Australia. He said, “Now you and I are the only adventurers.” I never thought about that, but he’s right. My family is content to be here. The world doesn’t call them in the same way it calls me and now calls him.

      I’ll go back and check-thanks for the fix!!

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