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“The sun has come out… and the air is vivid with spring light. “

March 13, 2015

I read it in the paper so it must be true. Spring is finally on its way. Although today’s forecasted high will be 32˚, there will be more sun, a sure sign of the changing season says the Cape Times. Fern agrees. She has started lying on the floor in a crescent of sunlight shining through the front door. Her fur is warm to the touch, on one side anyway.

Some of my deck furniture is no longer hidden by snow, and my road is almost completely clear of ice. Three more shoots and a whole section of grass have appeared in my front yard. The sky is the deepest of blues. More and more birds sing every morning. I get seed and flower catalogues every day in the mail. My papers are easy to retrieve. They are no longer sliding out of reach on piles of snow. I get out of bed happy to greet the morning, to welcome one day closer to spring.

Yesterday I went out to lunch, to a new place down cape. You sort of have to know where this place is as it doesn’t have a sign. It was filled with people who knew where and why. The food is excellent, the restaurant has wi-fi and offers lots of coffee drinks. I went with a cappuccino and a porchetta sandwich with pickled onions on a toasted ciabatta. It was a good choice.

The older I get, the longer my list of doctors. I refer to them as my stable of doctors because there is no group name. You just add an s to the singular which pales in comparison to a murder of crows or an intrusion of cockroaches. I seemed to have scheduled most of my stable for days in March. Two come with blood tests, the same tests, but they don’t share. Monday is my sixth month dental check up. I still do PT twice a week for my back. I suppose I should be glad that all parts of me get checked and probed. I just hope they don’t find anything, not even a cavity.

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”

March 3, 2015

Yesterday was day three of me getting out of the house. Gracie had her annual physical and all is well. Her heart sounded good and she has maintained her weight. Her nails were trimmed but she didn’t get nail polish. Just joking of course as boxers are not the nail polish type. Today and tomorrow I’ll be out yet again. This has become a trend. I think the sunshine of yesterday and today have helped invigorate me a bit.

Snow and sleet are coming tonight, only an inch or two, but 41˚is coming tomorrow for just one day. I can’t imagine 41˚. I have come to think of 37˚ as balmy. Last night was so cold everything froze again. It was a tentative walk this morning to get the papers and yesterday’s mail as my street is covered with a block of ice. Above freezing weather doesn’t help much because of the thickness of the ice. Only the surface melts leaving another layer to freeze at night. I have thrown de-icer on my brick walk and that has given me a safe route to the car.

This morning Fern was lying on the couch in the sunshine coming in from the front door. It wasn’t much, but Fern took full advantage. My cats crave the warmth of the sun, and I totally understand.

Flower catalogues are coming every day. I look through them just to marvel at the colors. I do have room in my front garden for more flowers as two bushes were moved last fall. I am excited about shopping for new plants. That feels like spring to me.

It was two nights ago I was cursing the falling snow, the long winter and the cold, the endless cold. I had reached the end of my endurance. Today the sun is bright and I am energized.