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“Are ye the ghosts of fallen leaves, O flakes of snow, For which, through naked trees, the winds A-mourning go?”

March 27, 2014

The storm was terrific. The snow fell sideways because of the close to hurricane force wind. Tree limbs were blown and bent. The bird feeders flew from to side to side, sometimes even with birds holding on for dear life. The snow drifted. Some spots had little or no snow while others had deep snow, the sort where you lift your legs high above the drift instead of trying to plow your way through. I couldn’t see beyond the house across the street because of white-out conditions. Gracie went out in the morning without fuss but hurried inside when she was done. The second time she went out the snow was still falling but was tapering. She squatted with her back to the gate which was a good thing because the gate behind her slowly opened. I ran down the steps which were covered in snow while holding on to the rail also covered in snow. I don’t know why I didn’t fall as it seemed perfect for a dive off the steps; instead, I shut the gate before Gracie even knew it was open. She turned and looked at me then went farther into the backyard. I climbed up the snowy steps and got back into the house. My slippers were so covered in snow you couldn’t tell what they were. My socks had snow clinging to them, and my pants were soaked from the bottom almost to the knees. My hands were freezing, but I didn’t care. Gracie was still in the yard.

By last night the snow had tapered to a few errant flakes, but the wind continued to blow and whistle. I fell asleep to the sound. It was tremendous.

Winter is not leaving easily. It is scratching and pawing the ground trying to keep a handhold. Yesterday was a day in January. Schools were closed. Cars stayed off the roads. I was drawn, as I am when it snows, to the back door to watch the storm. I listened to the wind and saw the trees bend left then right then back again. It was an amazing storm. It was spectacular.

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