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“I like physics, but I love cartoons.”

February 3, 2014

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. By the time I was leaving to go to breakfast, about a half hour later, it was snowing. When I got in the car, it was just in time to hear the Cape and Islands NPR forecaster say the rain would be turning to snow later. About then someone should have looked out the window and readjusted that forecast just a bit. The announcer went on to say we are supposed to get around 3 inches of snow. I was a bit skeptical as those first flakes were wet and didn’t stick, but as I was driving home, I could see the snow was starting to cover the ground. From my window here in the den, the backyard looks like a winter wonderland (a word used with tongue in cheek). The pine branches have a layer of snow, and the snow is still falling heavily from the north. I’m not so skeptical any more.

I have no plans for today. Peapod will be by later with my groceries, and I’m clicking my heels in the air as my larder is about as empty as I can remember it ever being. The last three meals were eggs: an omelet with cheese, two over-easy and an egg salad sandwich. Thank God I am now out of eggs, but I am also out of bread and just about everything else. The animals have food as I went to Agway on Saturday. I took care of the dog, the cats and the birds. Today I take care of me.

Cartoons weren’t all that educational when I was a kid. Many were violent but in a funny way we knew wasn’t real. I can’t remember how many times I watched Road Runner use Acme dynamite on Coyote who always survived despite being flattened or blown up. Tom endlessly chased Jerry who was so much smarter unlike the mice I caught last winter in my eaves. They were suckers for peanut butter. I still love Rocky and Bullwinkle and appreciate their satirical and ironic humor far more now then I did as a kid. To me the best antagonists in any cartoons will always be Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. How many times did Elmer Fudd shoot himself with his shot-gun instead of shooting Bugs Bunny? Popeye was in his own way trying to be inspirational with all that spinach. He’d pop open the can and suck down the green slop which sailed from the can in an arc to his mouth. His arm muscles would grow and grow and Bluto would become history after one Popeye punch. I never did like spinach, but I did punch a couple of people, one in elementary school and one at Fenway Park.

I think my favorite cartoon was George of the Jungle which was on when I was in college. It definitely wasn’t meant for little kids. In one cartoon, George whacked the bad guy on his head with a thick club and announced, “I came. I saw and I conked him.” In another cartoon, the jungle was being redistricted by a character named Gerry Mander. What kid would get that reference when half the adults I know wouldn’t have? That was the fun of George of the Jungle.

“I’m someone who believes the only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen, with a big bag of popcorn.”

June 11, 2011

Today is sweatshirt weather. It’s cold and damp with rain expected. Two days ago it was in the 80’s; today is 61°. I’m thinking of staying close to home. The Science Fiction channel has cold and ice movies, perfect choices for the day. Yeti is now attacking. Keep in mind he doesn’t like pepper spray. It infuriates him, and the last thing any of us need is an infuriated Yeti.

No plumbers, electricians, EMT’s or the like have darkened my doorstep in a couple of days. I think the proverbially black cloud has passed. I pity the person above whom it looms.

Today is a perfect movie matinee day. I’ll buy my ticket for a quarter and use my nickel for vanilla Turkish Taffy or a Sugar Daddy. They always last a good part of the movie. I wonder what cartoon they’ll show first. Bugs Bunny is always a good guess. I, however, am more of a Daffy Duck fan. The paper said the movie today is It Conquered the World. There better not be any ugly monsters or scary aliens as they’ll be screaming girls all over the theater. I, however, am never one of them. I love being scared. I know the back seats will be filled early. That’s where the teenagers go to make out. I always sneak a look at them on my way to the bathroom. Too bad they’re missing such a good movie.

It never occurred to me back then that my mother spend under a dollar to get rid of us all afternoon. I figure she thought it a wise investment. We had to walk up town, wait to buy a ticket, stand in line to buy candy, pick a seat, watch the movie then walk back home. She had the whole afternoon to herself or with my two little sisters. It must have seemed like heaven.

It’s sort of funny, but I’m back to matinees. They’re cheaper and far less crowded on a weekday. I buy popcorn and a drink. The theater is always filled with people my age, just like back then.