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“I confess freely to you, I could never look long upon a monkey, without very mortifying reflections”

May 31, 2012

Today is a lovely day with sun, a breeze and blue skies. Gracie is out on the lounge having her morning nap in the shade of the oak tree. Dogs do know how best to enjoy themselves.

Today I have a few errands then I can sit back down and read. My newest read is Defending Jacob.

On the bear front: he is now in Dennis. The black bear was sighted near the Dennis golf course yesterday and according to all reports is still on the move. The sightings are very early morning and at night. Fish and Wildlife as well as the local police have the bear’s best interests at heart and are hoping to keep him safe. If there are problems, he will be moved but only as a last resort. The bear has a twitter account if you want to keep tabs: The Cape Cod Bear or @bearswimmer.

When I was a kid, I never saw much wildlife in the local woods. Maybe a skunk or two came our way but that was about it. Here on the Cape, besides the common skunks, opossums and raccoons, I’ve seen foxes and coyotes, and wild turkeys are now pretty common. One night a deer ran across the street in front of my car a couple of blocks from here and another hit the car while we were driving on the highway. White-tailed rabbits sit in my front yard and drive Gracie crazy. They just stare and she tries to jump the fence.

I remember seeing my first elephant at Benson’s Wild Animal Farm in New Hampshire. We even got to ride on it. I know I told these Benson stories a long time back, but I enjoy them so much they’re worth a second time. My parents told me that on one visit the crowd was around the baboon cage, and they were roaring with laughter when they got sprayed by the baboon. My father said he and my mother watched a while and saw the baboon urinate then fill his mouth and spray the crowd who again roared with laughter. My parents did too but for a different reason.

My favorite incident I remember perfectly well. We were at the round monkey cage, and my brother who was probably 3 or 4 ducked under the rail and got right beside the cage. A monkey grabbed his arm and tried to pull him inside. I believed back then when I was the tender age of 4 or 5 that the monkey had recognized lost kin. My brother screamed until my father yanked his arm away from the monkey who was dearly hoping to add to her family. If I close my eyes, I can see the cage, the monkey and my brother wearing shorts and a striped shirt and being pulled so that his body was flush with the cage. I lived with making fun of him for years on that one incident. It was like a gift wrapped in bright paper and flowing ribbons.

“I say, if you believe what you read in the comic strips, then you believe that mice run around with little gold buttons on their red pants and drive cars.”

May 29, 2012

The morning is overcast, damp and foggy. I was woken up by a small plane landing on my neighbor’s runway. Okay, I admit there is no runway, and there was no plane, but it sounded like one, maybe the Songbird; instead, it was the loudest, noisiest lawn mower in existence. To top it off, the house across the street was being mowed at the same time by a stand-on mower. I had no choice but to get out of bed.

Creature News: a new segment today on Coffee. First news is the frequent sightings and finally a picture of the black bear on Cape Cod. The paper says black bears have not been here for centuries, but one is back now. The consensus is it swam across the canal and is probably a young, around two-year old, male very capable of making the swim. The paper warned people to protect their beehives and watch their bird feeders. The article also said to expect more bears. The second piece of animal news has to do with my electrical problem. The lights went out in the same spot again almost right after I’d turned them on so down cellar I went and threw the switch, but I heard a sizzling noise and turned the switch off. I called my friend Shane, the electrician, and he came over yesterday and went right downstairs to check. He came out to the deck where I was and said he’d found the problem, and he wanted to show me. Downstairs we went and he shined his flashlight above to a hole. Halfway through the hole was a mouse, a dead mouse with eyes wide opened, who had bitten into the wire. Shane will come back to fix it as I have to move furniture in my den so he can attach a box from the inside-outside to by-pass the eaten wire. That mouse really did look surprised.

Today I am going to be in Hyannis at spot number 7 on the Kennedy trail. It will be Peace Corps and a few of us will be there to answer questions. I’ll have my Ghanaian flag and wear Ghanaian dress, traffic stoppers for sure.

The Dylan song, My Back Pages, was removed from the server so I deleted the posting. It surprised me as I have posted several Dylan songs in the past. I figured he must be getting really grouchy in his old age. The good part of that deletion is that MediaFire gets the complaint, not WordPress, so I am in no danger of being deleted as I was on Blogger. Putting the link in the comments was a great idea instead of making it part of the posting.

I get to buy my annuals for the deck today. Nothing better than a stop at the garden shop. I will be circumspect. I promise!

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