“I say, if you believe what you read in the comic strips, then you believe that mice run around with little gold buttons on their red pants and drive cars.”

The morning is overcast, damp and foggy. I was woken up by a small plane landing on my neighbor’s runway. Okay, I admit there is no runway, and there was no plane, but it sounded like one, maybe the Songbird; instead, it was the loudest, noisiest lawn mower in existence. To top it off, the house across the street was being mowed at the same time by a stand-on mower. I had no choice but to get out of bed.

Creature News: a new segment today on Coffee. First news is the frequent sightings and finally a picture of the black bear on Cape Cod. The paper says black bears have not been here for centuries, but one is back now. The consensus is it swam across the canal and is probably a young, around two-year old, male very capable of making the swim. The paper warned people to protect their beehives and watch their bird feeders. The article also said to expect more bears. The second piece of animal news has to do with my electrical problem. The lights went out in the same spot again almost right after I’d turned them on so down cellar I went and threw the switch, but I heard a sizzling noise and turned the switch off. I called my friend Shane, the electrician, and he came over yesterday and went right downstairs to check. He came out to the deck where I was and said he’d found the problem, and he wanted to show me. Downstairs we went and he shined his flashlight above to a hole. Halfway through the hole was a mouse, a dead mouse with eyes wide opened, who had bitten into the wire. Shane will come back to fix it as I have to move furniture in my den so he can attach a box from the inside-outside to by-pass the eaten wire. That mouse really did look surprised.

Today I am going to be in Hyannis at spot number 7 on the Kennedy trail. It will be Peace Corps and a few of us will be there to answer questions. I’ll have my Ghanaian flag and wear Ghanaian dress, traffic stoppers for sure.

The Dylan song, My Back Pages, was removed from the server so I deleted the posting. It surprised me as I have posted several Dylan songs in the past. I figured he must be getting really grouchy in his old age. The good part of that deletion is that MediaFire gets the complaint, not WordPress, so I am in no danger of being deleted as I was on Blogger. Putting the link in the comments was a great idea instead of making it part of the posting.

I get to buy my annuals for the deck today. Nothing better than a stop at the garden shop. I will be circumspect. I promise!

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29 Comments on ““I say, if you believe what you read in the comic strips, then you believe that mice run around with little gold buttons on their red pants and drive cars.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I heard that the Stookenator and Old Creeky would be doing a Duet of Christmas Songs with a major promote of the Super Deluxe eidtion on QVC

  2. splendidone Says:

    you are incredibly sneaky, i admire that so!

  3. im6 Says:

    I know absolutely nothing about this, but I’ve seen other sites that seem to get around the problem by renaming files so they can be interpreted by a human, but not read by a spider. For example:
    “bo.b-dy.lan” or some variation. Just an idea (they’re few and far between these days!)

  4. olof1 Says:

    You do make enemies amongst the greatest of musicians 🙂 🙂

    Cool here today, we only reached 55 and it was so nice 🙂 But there’s a risk of frost tonight so I’ll be moving some pots later.

    Great that he found the somewhat surprised mouse 🙂 I hate it when they chew cables inside the walls! That’s why I almost always refuse to have cables in there even if it looks better.

    I’m glad there’s no risk of losing Your blog again!

    Have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      The wire is inside my house in the cellar and coming out of the fuse box where I click the buttons back and forth to turn the lights on. It is a main electrical line which goes around the cellar then into the walls. I can’t imagine what this house would look like with wires all around the ceiling instead of hidden.

      It was a warm day all day today and is still 75° at 4:30.

      Thanks-I’d hate to lose my blog again!

      Enjoy your evening!

  5. Hedley Says:


    Seventy Two years ago, the Little Ships were on their way to Dunkirk. Uncle Arthur, who was an excellent sailor, was part of that group that did so much in late May and early June of 1940.

    This Sunday 45 of those memorable boats will take pride of place in the Flotilla to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in an event officially known as The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. This weekend is the centerpiece of the Jubilee celebrations before they turn the switch and go completely to the Olympic Games. And with a thousand ships moving down the river from Battersea Bridge (im6 think the cover to Pink Floyd’s Animals) to Tower Bridge it is going to be amazing TV !!!

    Get ready to settle in front of the Tube on Sunday and forget about cranky old singers

    • Kat Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      That always amazes me that every boat which could float went to Dunkirk and saved an army.

      Tonight 2 hours of 20 20 is dedicated to the Queen and her family. That starts the celebration for me!

      • Bob Says:

        The Dunkirk evacuation was an amazing event and should be celebrated yearly.

        I can’t get any excitement for or from the ‘Royal Family’. The UK is in terrible economic crisis and one of the wealthiest families on earth, the Windsors, are supported by taxes from the British people. Who needs them? They aren’t even really British. I think they are German or something. Retire them and sell off their castles and jewels to reduce the country’s debt. What a waste of time to have a tottering old lady with a large family who do absolutely nothing. They are not allowed, thank goodness, to be involved in the policy making or functioning of government. Even the Church of England doesn’t need them. They are like the Pope with kids. It’s the 21st century, get over it and get rid of them.

      • Hedley Says:

        Ooh, thanks Kat should be excellent, I will be flipping between the game and the kickoff to this very special week of celebration.
        I wonder if Katie Couric will mention the Derby in Epsom? The St Paul’s service next Tuesday will go worldwide but I most looking forward to the Flotilla, this Sunday..I will get details on coverage

  6. Zoey & Me Says:

    The President just presented Bob Dylan with the Presidential Freedom Award today. Maybe his flunkies got you while he was out of town. It was a really humorous ceremony at the White House. We caught it on Martin Bashir’s show as he broke away to cover the entire presentation. Dylan looks pretty good for his age. Not so for John Glenn. Good luck with your music change.

    • Kat Says:

      I haven’t yet figured where the change will be. I need to do some research but I have to go to Boston tomorrow so I probably won’t have time. I have had some great suggestions!

      John Glenn hasn’t looked good for years!

  7. Bob Says:

    I told you a few days ago that mice/rats like electrical insulation.
    As fast as we are gobbling up the habitat of our furry creatures, I am not surprised that a bear would find his or her way to the Cape. Urban sprawl goes on forever. My grandchildern will drive from coast to coast going from one suburban shopping strip to another.

    The big record companies, who hold the copy-write for many songs are the ones who are trying to shut down file servers. Steve Jobs and the iTunes store had to drag them fighting and screaming into the 21st century with the idea of selling each song for ninety nine cents. They didn’t want to give up on the album where they could bundle one good song with several dogs and sell the CD for $25. Now they are hot to get their percentage of every cent. They quickly bought into the idea that you don’t own the music you buy you only license it for your personal use only.

    • Kat Says:

      You were exactly right-he bite through a wire-suicide by electrocution.

      The naturalists figure that one is only the start of a possible migration. The Cape has been bear free for so long, they were surprised at the reports, but the picture couldn’t be refuted.

      I get that my posting a song means that someone doesn’t get paid.

      Most of the songs I have were purchased though I did download some from other blogs. I get a number on the downloads and the most has been 51 on any song. I must be preventing someone from becoming a multi-millionaire!

  8. minicapt Says:

    The Black Bear:


  9. im6 Says:

    Found this video on the wayward bear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjhxnymAhTQ

    • Kat Says:

      The bear made the front page of the paper. He has traveled a distance from the canal already and is working his way down cape. It’s neat!


  10. Kat Says:

    I think the average is in the high 20’s. I looked every few days.

  11. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Interesting story about the bear going to the Cape for the summer. Many humans like to go there, too. It’s a nice place to be.

    So far no mice have chewed my wires (knock on wood) but one neighborhood squirrel got inside a transformer, singed his butt and ran off leaving a smoldering transformer. We had to call the fire department.

    There was a thunderstorm last night and all my peonies are drooped over even though they are staked. Today is less murky than yesterday but still pretty grey. I have laundry and a post office run then I will sit at my computer and try to figure out a spreadsheet for all the yarn that I found the other day when I organized some of it. Yes, two bins of only “some” of the yarn I have stashed around the house.

    Enjoy your day and keep an eye out for that ursine tourist. 😉

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I have lived here 35 years, and this is the first time it has happened to me. The mouse really did look alive with his eyes wide opened. I didn’t stay around to watch Shane pull him down and throw him out.

      The bear is big news here. He seems to be working his way down Cape. The assumption is
      he swam across the canal in Sagamore and has already worked his way down to Barnstable.

      Today I have a doctor’s appointment in Boston with the surgeon who operated twice on my back, neither of which worked as my back gets really painful at times; hence, the appointment!

      This has been a busy week for me with something every day.

      I’ll keep my eye out, but I figure Gracie would find him first.

  12. Hedley Says:

    The Manchester United fans in your family will love this. Me? I wish it was Tottenham

    General Motors Co. (GM) (GM), the carmaker that said it will stop advertising on Facebook and in the Super Bowl, is preparing to make a marketing announcement between its Chevrolet brand and Manchester United Ltd.’s soccer team.

    The world’s largest automaker has invited reporters to a announcement by Chevrolet and Manchester United in Shanghai on the evening of May 31. Joel Ewanick, GM’s chief marketing officer, will subsequently hold a briefing at the company’s Detroit headquarters about a Chevrolet global sports marketing initiative. Patrick Morrissey, a GM spokesman, declined to provide details of the announcements before the events are held

    Manchester United’s 659 million followers makes it the world’s “most popular club,” according to a study carried out for the team by market research company Kantar last year, when the club won the Premier League

    NO…I am not selling my General Motors vehicle.

    Working on Flotilla stuff especially after last night’s brilliant 20/20 on HRH. I will come up with TV coverage before Sunday’s wonderful event on the Thames

    • Kat Says:

      Thank you, my dear Hedley. I will pass this along to my sister’s family. I think it rather amazing that an American car company will market in England for “football” istead of football.

      I loved 20/20 last night. There was an add about the flotilla with some pictures. As I have guests for the weekend, I will activate the DVR.

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, it’s a worldwide initiative especially in to Asia, that is why they are announcing in Shanghai.

        20/20 was great and offered a very balanced view of HRH. Can’t wait for the weekend fun. The favorite in the Derby is “Camelot”.

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