“Here Comes the Sun”

Yesterday we had the mightiest of storms. Down cape got nearly five inches. We got three. Roads were flooded, cars were stuck and small rivers ran along the sides of the road. The rain came down in sheets. I could barely see beyond my window. Gracie wouldn’t go out. She didn’t even stick her nose out the front door. I, on the other hand, ran out to get a package left by the mailman. I got soaked. When I got inside, I checked the package. It wasn’t even mine.

The sun was shining when I woke up, but in the shortest time, it disappeared and clouds, instead, filled the sky. It is warm and still a bit humid. I’m hoping the sun will be back to dry the deck for movie night.

Gracie has returned to the couch for sleeping. I wake up several times trying to get comfortable. Gracie sleeps soundly. This morning at 4:30 I heard her panting so I took her, outside. We both easily fell back asleep.

I like living alone, but there are times when I need another person. The bulb over the sink is out, but I’m not climbing. I need to trip a fuse or two as some outlets are not working. I went down the cellar and tripped a few, but not the right ones. I need someone to yell, “All set!” But, instead, I’m stuck going up and down the stairs.

Angela Merkel gave Putin the best eye roll while he was talking, and she was listening. Merkel is amazing. She is assuming the mantle of western leadership vacated by the United States.

Man spreading was the topic of a couple of newspaper columns and on MSNBC. Trump is the king of man spreading. He is sitting as forward as he can on the white chair with his legs as far apart as he can manage. Putin too was man spreading, but he appeared more comfortable than Trump who kept looking around as if to figure out what to do next. Hand shaking seemed to be his fallback.

Today is dump day. I haven’t told Gracie yet. I’ll just surprise her.

The menu is set for tonight. We’ll have sausage, pepper and onion in rolls. I chose colorful peppers instead of the dull green. We have Chinese and Italian sausages. It’s like a festival of foods, seemingly common but not common.

Glory Be! The sun is back and has brought blue skies with it.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    We had a rather dreary morning and most of the afternoon but now the sun shines and it’s just enough warm and windy enough to keep the flies away πŸ™‚

    Yes it would be nice to have someone who could help with the practical things but I wouldn’t stand to have anyone living with me all the time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Angela Merkel is too far right wfor me when it comes to politics but I still wouldn’t want anyone else leading Germany and Europe. She sort of make us all feel safe by just being there.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is really warm and humid and quite sunny. I turned on my air conditioner. After I took Gracie out, I came inside sweating. She is panting.

      I’ve live alone so long I probably would not like having someone els here, but sometimes I do need someone’s help.

      I just liked her reaction to Putin.

      Have a great evening!

  2. William Sandford Says:

    Plug in a small radio and turn it up so you can hear it when you’re at the panel box. When the radio goes off, that’s the breaker.
    Thunder and lightening here, and a brief rain. We had already postponed Peg’s family party to Sunday.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    You could get one of those gripper things that are used by people who have great rooms with recessed lights in the ceiling waaaayyy high up. A friend of mine had one for the recessed lights above her stairway because nobody would stand on the ladder on the stairs.

    All my downstairs lights and outlets are on the same breaker. Most of the cellar lights were on that one, too, but I got p-o’d one day and had the electrician fix it. The downstairs breaker is the one I trip all the time and it was bloody inconvenient having to go down unlit ancient cellar stairs to the breaker box to figure out which breaker to flip. All fixed now. And I drew a big, black arrow pointing toward the breaker for the downstairs along with a note: It’s THIS one!

    Today was really very pleasant. Hazy sun, not too humid, a nice breeze. It was probably hot outside in the sun but the house was nice and cool. A thunder storm moved through about an hour ago but it was minor. It rained for about 10 minutes and there were a few faint rumbles and then the sun came out again. Sort of. πŸ™‚ But it’s still nice.

    I loved Merkel’s eye-roll. Just what a mansplainer deserves. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,

      All my breakers are well marked. I tripped the one which said bathroom outside lights. There must be another similarly labeled.

      The light has a cover which has screws so a gripper won’t work. I’ll live in the dark until Lee, one of my house cleaners, comes on Thursday.

      It got humid here so I turned on the AC, but it is not on now as it is breezy and so much cooler.

      I have to love Merkel. She snubbed Trump and eye rolls Putin.

      Movie night tonight!

      Have a wonderful evening!

  4. flyboybob Says:

    Today started out hot and humid but the afternoon thunderstorms popped up to drop the temperature. At three the temperature was a warm 93 degrees and after the storm we’re down to the upper 70s. This is very unusual for July here in North Texas. There’s no frontal activity just pop up tropical storms. I feel like I’ve been transported to Miami without the beach. By this time of the summer we should be hot and dry. Who says there’s no global warming? Trump do! Sad that the job that used to be the ‘Leader of the Free World’ falls on a charlatan former slum lord. Would somebody else with intelligence and leadership qualities please pick up the title until 2020.

    My condo has two breaker boxes with all the breakers unlabeled. When the power goes out we just start resetting them one at a time. My wife is really the family fixit person. I’m better at taking estimates.:-)

    Peppers, onions and sausage on a roll sound like a wonderful treat. Especially if the sausage is Italian and the sauce is red.

    • katry Says:

      Tonight when we were on the deck was wonderful. There was a cooling breeze. Since then it has gotten a bit humid. I have turned on the AC.

      Trump was an embarrassment during this conference. I am fearful about that meeting with Putin.

      I do what I can around the house, but I do far less than I used to. I wasn’t afraid back then, but since I’ve fallen a few times, I am leery.

      Dinner was delicious. The sausage was sweet Italian. I caramelized the onion and cooked the peppers in olive oil. I also made a salad. It as a great opening night.

  5. Birgit Says:

    Don’t believe Merkel, it’s a professional show to get the defining pictures. She knows how to play the media. Don’t believe her headlines either, Merkel can talk nicely but it’s a shame to see the actual politics here. No reason to trust Germany, sorry, any kind of German leadership would be a threat. Btw, in case you’ve missed it, our government actually doesn’t fight climate change, we haven’t reduced CO2 in the last 8 years and especially Merkel’s party blocked many plans to change it.
    Let’s talk about nicer things, I went to our local music festival again and saw Murnau’s 1922 silent movie “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror” with live sound and music and later danced to old fashioned live Swing music.
    Happy sunny dump day!

    • katry Says:

      Thanks for the primer on Merkel though I thought she handled Trump well. He doesn’t like strong women.

      Under Obama, the US did well in reducing carbon. Trump cares little for anything unless it harms him especially financially. He wanted permission to build a retaining wall to keep the sea from swallowing his golf course.

      I have seem Nosferatu but not with music. I would enjoy that.

      The dump was rocking, lots of cars. Gracie enjoyed herself!

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