“If a doctor treats your cold, it will go away in fourteen days. If you leave it alone, it will go away in two weeks.

My mood and the day are too similar to ignore. It rained earlier. The ground is still wet. The sky is a light grey. My mood is just a bit darker. I woke up very late and did not want to get out of bed. Gracie and Fern adjusted their respective positions on the bed, and we all went back to sleep. I had to force myself to get up. Two cups of coffee are just not enough today.

My house is clean. Roseana and Lee came yesterday. Dump day is tomorrow. I checked and the bird feeders still have seeds though I did have to replace the suet in both of those feeders. The clothes are all washed. There are no dirty dishes. I got books at the library yesterday. I finished the newspaper’s crossword puzzle. As all of this sounds like paradise, why the mood?

My voice is raspy. I have a headache. I am exhausted (spell check came up with a better word: exhumed) for no reason. All I can think of is maybe the cold I avoided knows spring is upon us and wants to get me before winter takes its final bow. This makes me unhappy. It also makes me grumpy.

I figure to loll in bed, take whatever medication I have and read the day away. That actually sounds inviting. The only thing missing is the maid and a bell by my bed to summon her.

This will last a day or two as I’m not coughing or blowing my nose. On the measurement of colds, something I just made up, I’m about a 3 or a 4 out of 10. If I were a little kid, my mother would have sent me to school: two symptoms do not a cold make.

The worst part of a kid’s cold is a runny nose. I hated having a runny nose. My mother used to stuff my pockets with Kleenex. That left a dilemma. Where do I put the used Kleenex? I couldn’t keep getting up from my desk to put them in the trash so I’d stash them in my school bag or the pocket of my sweater if I happened to be wearing one. Nothing is worse than a used Kleenex.

My mother usually had a Kleenex or two in her handbag. The problems were the Kleenex was a crumbled mess, often had lipstick on it and brown bits of tobacco from my mother’s cigarette package clung to it. I had no choice but to use that Kleenex. It was always a mystery to me why my mother didn’t want it back. To me, it sort of fit right into her bag.

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19 Comments on ““If a doctor treats your cold, it will go away in fourteen days. If you leave it alone, it will go away in two weeks.”

  1. olof1 Says:

    I felt like that this morning (without haveing a cold though) and Nove refused to get up at all si finally I had to push her out of the bed so I could get up 🙂 She wasn’t happy at all 🙂

    Sunny almost all day here and relatively warm, not as warm as they had predicted but above 32 anyway. Nights are nasty cold though so the snow doesn’t melt away as fast I had hoped it would.

    I have just made some scones and I’ll have cheese and rowanberry jam on them 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I totally understand Nove reluctance to get out of bed. I felt the same way. All three of my animals are here with me and they are sleeping: 1 on a chair and 2 on the couch.

      That scone sounds delicious. I had toast with honey on it and a banana.

      Boston was actually almost 20 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. They set a new record. It was 76˚ for the first time in March since they started keeping records. It was in the mis 50’s here. I love the ocean but not so much this time of year when it keeps us so cold so much longer.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Salute to Birgit

    We got hammered 3-0 by Dortmund – no excuses they were the much better team. The return leg next Thursday will be meaningless.

  3. Richard Says:

    “What’chu want? Baby I got it!” … so saith Tina Turner, anyway. I betcha Miz Tina don’t got her enough ‘Soak-It-Up’ stuff to pick up the almost 10” of rain we’ve gotten since yesterday. Looking out the window this morning, I noticed the water level of the pool to be about 2 or 3 inches below the edge tiles, which is usually a precursor to an overflow condition. Hasn’t happened. Yay. By Sunday, we’re supposed to be at only a 20% chance of rain, which is almost the same as it being ended.

    Since it’s a grey kinda day, I figured it meant I should be a-cookin’ something, so I did. Started the soak last night on some pinto beans, and this morning they were nicely plumped and ready for cookin’. Prepped some onions, shallots, garlic, Korean ‘Long Hot’ red pepper, jalapeños, and a few other things to brown before adding ham stock from the last ham cooked to the 8-quart Pot O’ Flavor. Once things were under way, finishing ingredients like a bit o’ cumin, some chipotle powder, celery seed, and other things were tossed in along with a bit of andouille and baked ham. It’s all done now except for the best part, the eatin’ … that’ll happen later today.

    Sounds as if you’re as ‘done’ with housework as I am. Nothing left to clean or polish, so it’s all good for relaxin’ today. ‘Top Gear’ is on BBC America, so I’ll spend the rest of the day watching Hammond, May, and Clarkson until 7:30 tonite when something else comes on. I refuse to watch Graham Norton – he’s a silly little poofter.

    Mmm-hmm. See? No good deed goes unpunished. The ‘spring sniffles’ are payback for not getting that cold at the ‘right’ time. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Wasn’t that some margarine commercial’s tagline?

    Loll. What an underused word. It’s practically as good as ‘exhumed.’ I’d suspect one could do double duty by ‘lolling about’ whilst waiting for exhumation and kill two birds with one stone.

    ‘Snot-nose’ was the typical referent for kids whose noses were deflicted with the Perpetual Drip. I don’t like when that happens. I like Kleenex even less. It seems that every ‘lady of a certain age’ during my childhood was never without a perpetual supply of those things stored deep in the cavernous recesses of their overlarge purse. I don’t think my Army web gear fully loaded carried as much as those purses.

    And Now For Something Completely Different:

    1. The very first science fiction film ever made … the precursor to Star Trek, Star Wars, etc … and it’s only 12 minutes long:


    2. Ümlaut … what is it, you ask? Why, this short little film will ‘splain it all for you …


    No, no … don’t thank me. I live to serve, remember?

    • Birgit Says:

      Richärd, nice ümläüt videö. We löve ümläüts sö müch thät we even häve them ön öür cömpüter keyböärds 🙂

      • Richard Says:

        Birgit … sö dö wë … ! Isn’t that an odd coincidëncë?

      • katry Says:

        Wow, that is a whole lot of rain. The streets here would be flooded as there are no sewers. The sandy dirt absorbs it but not the streets.

        The grey day had me reading in bed most of the afternoon. It was wonderful. I only spend a day cooking if I am having guests. I enjoy hunting down ingredients and making something I haven’t ever made before. I have to pick and choose my ingredients as my friends have foods they won’t eat.

        My book is almost finished, good thing I got three books at the library though I do have a few still on my iPad which I haven’t read.

        I love the whole picture the word loll envisions. It brings Victorian England to me. I on my couch with my perfumed handkerchief and my lady’s maid waiting for my attention.

        I too remember snot-nosed but I always thought brat went along with it. I prefer use and throw away Kleenex as opposed to a handkerchief you’ve used and still carry around to use again. I never carried around Kleenex, but I keep some in my car now.

        I have seen a few frames from that film and I have actually used the moon with he rocket in the face on the old Coffee. The rocket held almost as many as a small bus.

        I loved the story of the ümläüt.

      • katry Says:

        I just had to cut and paste from your comment as we don’t have the ümläüt on our computers. I just have to go without!

      • Richard Says:

        Kat, you use a Mac (okay, Apple) … that means you indeed CAN generate those magical mystical ‘foreign’ characters with the right keystroke combination. Here’s a link that shows y’ how:


      • katry Says:

        Thanks so much, Richard. I had no idea my Mac has such hidden talents!!

  4. Birgit Says:

    Get well soon, Kat!
    I’m so tired of my cold, 13 days by now and it’s still bad, several kitchen paper rolls already had to die.

    • katry Says:

      I have come to the conclusion it is probably not a cold. I did read n bed most of the day, and I do feel better, but I really don’t have enough symptoms to say I have a cold.

      I am so sorry you are still suffering from that cold!! I figure you must be close to the end.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Must be something going around. I’ve been dragging myself around for a couple of days. This morning I had a routine medical appointment. I came home and walked the dogs. Then I stretched out on the couch and napped for a few hours. When I awoke, there was a delicious smell permeating the house as if someone was cooking me dinner. Then I remembered there was a chicken carcass in the slow cooker turning itself into soup stock.

    Today was grey and drippy. After I woke up from my nap, I went outside with the dogs again. There was a lovely, soft rain gently falling. It was spring warm and smelled heavenly. I sat on the top step and stuck my bare toes out into the rain. Sweet.

    I feel better after my nap and I hope you will as well.
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Bob Says:

    Here it’s been raining on and off since Sunday night and won’t clear up until Sunday afternoon. We have gotten about two and a half inches of rain. We need the rain since we’re behind for the year.

    Kleenex is the brand name of Kimberly Clark’s facial tissues. It’s become the name that’s synonymous with tissues. Think about other brand names that have replaced the name of the actual product. Scotch tape for cellophane tape. Kotex for sanitary napkins, another Kimberly Clark product. I know there are others but I can’t think of them at the moment. Having a senior moment. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      We had just a bit of rain on and off all day. The rain was only a sprinkle, but it did wet the street.

      I knew that about Kleenex. It is the same with Xerox, Vaseline and Chapstick-that’s all I could come up with, but I know there are lots more.

      Coke too I think.

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