“I made a sandwich out of things. I’m an American. We can eat anything as long as it’s between two pieces of bread.”

The road was covered in slush when I went to get the paper. I left deep footprints and could see the track of the car which had been driven down the street some time this morning. Gracie was hesitant to go down the back steps. They were covered in slush like the road. It was raining, but there had been a sprinkling of snow first. After Gracie came in, I threw de-icer on the steps. I don’t want the steps freezing. Off-Cape is getting the snow.

Today lends itself to laziness. It is an I won’t get dressed day or do any chores day. I will most decidedly take a nap later. That is not in question. I may have a pizza delivered. I don’t know. That sounds too much like a plan, and today is not a day to plan. It is a whatever happens day. Fern and Gracie are asleep on the couch beside me. They are my role models.

I cut out recipes and have a gigantic folder filled with them. Periodically I go through the gigantic folder and put the recipes I’d most like to make in a smaller folder. I have yet to make any. Most times I fall back on the familiar: my curry recipe, my brother-in-law’s chili and my uncle’s sausage cacciatore. This week I am going to make Peg’s corn chowder. She brought it down when she and Bill last visited, and I loved it. It is a perfect winter recipe, one to warm the innards.

When I was young, my mother sometimes gave us Campbell’s tomato soup and her grilled cheese sandwiches especially on cold days. I still love grilled cheese sandwiches, especially gooey ones, but mine have become a bit more sophisticated than using yellow cheese unwrapped on Wonder bread. My aunt was the first to give me one with tomato, and I still like tomato as a basic addition to the sandwich. I also like bacon, jalapeño or avocado with pepper jack. I think grilled cheese is the best sandwich to personalize. A BLT is just that. Bologna is about as unsophisticated as a cold cut can get.

A couple of Christmases ago I got a panini maker from my sister. It elevates sandwiches from a simple lunch to something far greater, far tastier. Avocado is the best addition of late to grilled cheeses and regular sandwiches. I now have an addiction to them. When I was a kid, I would have thought avocados too squishy and far too green. The rule of thumb back then was to avoid anything green. The only exceptions were green beans and unripe bananas as they had a yellow future.

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14 Comments on ““I made a sandwich out of things. I’m an American. We can eat anything as long as it’s between two pieces of bread.””

  1. MT C Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Kat. I’d forgotten all about corn chowder. I may have the ingredients already.

    Today the temp is in a long uphill climb which is supposed to peak around 65 on Tuesday. Last night I actually had to take a blanket off (I’m not sophisticated enough to use a comforter or one of those French things) as it was so warm. Getting up this am, 5ish, it was 47. I’m thinking summer! Well, ok, a hint of spring. Looking out the kitchen window, the 14 to 16 we’ve had on the ground since New Years is really starting to go.

    Its going to be a good day. Yours sounds about right too. Good leadership you have.


    • katry Says:

      I love corn chowder. Around here it is mostly clam chowder on menus so making it is the only way I’ll get it.

      Wow, we won’t get 65˚ until maybe early May. If we get the 40’s or low 50’s, it’s a heat wave.

      I have a down comforter, and it is wonderful. It keeps me toasty warm but then an animal on each side of me helps too.

      It’s already a good day-hope yours continue too!

  2. olof1 Says:

    I went aweay to friends today and it was a rather good ride down to them but the winds were really strong abnd the snow was falling on my way home again. It is bad enough when the roads are slippery, it’s a bit nasty when the wind does its best to push the car away from the road 🙂

    I rarely follow recipes when I make dinner, I just toss in what I can find and that sounds as if it should fit in with the other ingredients. It usually works fine but I can never get the exact same result again since I can’t remember what it was I used the last time 🙂

    I would have had such an day here if I hadn’t went to my friends. I was so tired when I woke up that I never thought I would be able to get up from my bed 🙂 It’s fun how one doesn’t understand how much one can miss friends until one finally meet them after a long time.

    I tooks some photos I think You’ll like showing homes in the village where my friends live and on my way home too. I’ll show them tomorrow.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      When I had a small car, it was always blown all over the highway. I had to really grip the steering wheel.

      When i use up what’s in the fridge, I just throw stuff together. The recipes I mentioned can have a few things added, especially the curry, but mostly I follow the main part of the recipe. I have made great meatloaves with what was on hand. The problem is I can never make them again as they were just happenstance.

      I have a couple of friends I have’t seen in a long while, and I do miss them.

      I am looking forward to your pictures.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Mark Clark Says:

    I found the easiest and tastiest chili recipe – just 5 ingredients! In the brown a pound of either chicken, turkey or beef…add a diced onion and let that cook a few minutes…then toss in a tsp of chili powder, three cans of Rotel and two cans of kidney beans…let it all simmer while you throw a pan of cornbread in the oven…and there’s dinner! Love and peace to you, Kate.

    • katry Says:

      I would leave out the kidney beans. Mine just has meat and tomatoes, onions and herbs. The corn bread is a necessity!

      That is the debate about chili: beans or no beans.

      Texas chili doesn’t have beans, but the chili association (whose official name I forget) added the category of Chili with Beans.

      I use Rotel a lot for Mexican food, including dips.

  4. Mark Clark Says:

    In the soup pot!

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It’s snowing here. Sometimes it borders on rain. I guess we have about 4 inches. I’ve been out in it with the dogs a few times already. They had fun. I practiced taking photographs of falling snow. It took awhile before I learned that the falling snow would show up better if I weren’t photographing it falling in past snow-covered trees or little white dogs.

    My mother was a recipe cutter, too. She stuffed all of hers into an American Cookbook that was apparently the standard gift to a bride around the time she got married. I still have it. There are still cut recipes in it. Most of them are from the old Boston Globe chat page which I used to read. I still recognize some of the pseudonyms that people used like Auntie Mim. She had some good recipes.

    Toasted cheese, bacon and tomato sandwiches are the bomb.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Still rainy here and ugly. What little snow was here is gone as is most of the mush. Gracie has been out twice-I haven’t been out at all.

      I loved that section of the Globe and read it all the time. My mother too had cut recipes from it. My sister has her cookbook with all the yellowed recipes.

      Add avocado to that sandwich-I guarantee you’ll love it!

      Enjoy the snow.

  6. minicapt Says:

    MRE Recipe List:

    Loaded Baked Potato
    1 package of Mashed Potatoes
    1 package of Cheese & Bacon Spread
    1 bottle of Hot Sauce
    1 package of salt
    1 full cracker, crumbled

    Warm the mashed potatoes as you normally would. Include the cheese pack for easy mixing. Once warm, add the cheese and bacon spread, hot sauce, and salt to taste. When everything is mixed, sprinkle crumbs from the cracker to the mixture and enjoy.


  7. Bob Says:

    Nothing is as good and comforting on a cold day as a grilled cheese sandwich and a mug or bowl of tomato soup. I can appreciate using fancy bread with fancy cheese, but give me regular white bread a la Wonder bread and American cheese. Oh, only Campbell’s canned tomato soup will bring back that feeling of comfort. I can appreciate adding ham, egg or avocado for variety, but plain hits the spot,

    Today we again had clear skies and high temperature close to sixty. A day that the grilled cheese and tomato soup would be less appropriate but still delicious.

    • katry Says:

      No fancy bread necessary, but I like a heavier bread for the panini press. I haven’t had Wonder Bread since I was a kid. My cheese is usually cheddar. American cheese doesn’t have enough flavor for me. I still love tomato soup, and I even dip my sandwich in it.

      I never added egg, never thought about it. Ham and avocado are great additions.

      That lunch would have been perfect here today. It was cold though it was above freezing.

      Come to think of it almost any winter day is perfect for tomato soup and grilled cheese.

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