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” First we eat then we do everything else.”

August 13, 2016

This morning I felt like a mole stepping into the sunshine after living underground for too long. I shielded my eyes on my way to the driveway to get the papers. I was blasted even in that short while by the heat and humidity. After getting the papers, I ran back into the house, into the cool darkness.

Last night I had to go to Stop and Shop to pick up a few things Peapod couldn’t deliver as the warehouse didn’t have them. It was close to eleven o’clock. I walked inside and had to look around as the store had changed considerably. I went from aisle to aisle reading the signs until I finally found what I wanted. That one short shopping trip reminded me why I use Peapod.

I love cheese, all sorts except blue cheese and gorgonzola. When I was a kid, my mother always bought Velveeta. It made the best grilled cheese sandwiches. I still buy it to make a quick dip with salsa, jalapeños and sometimes crumbled hamburger. I haven’t a favorite cheese so I usually buy a variety of cheeses. We have a new store which carries Italian cheeses many of which are unfamiliar so I usually need a taste before I buy. Any sandwich I make aways has a cheese of some sort. I even spread Brie. Crackers and cheese are a favorite snack of mine so I always have crackers in the cabinet. When I was in Ghana, there was no cheese. Even now it is scarce and expensive. Obruni stores, as in white man stores, do carry it, and you can find it in Accra. Ghanaians don’t eat cheese. Now I wonder why my mother never sent me Velveeta. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, being processed cheese.

With my trip to Ghana getting closer, I’m thinking of all the Ghanaian food I’ll have, all my favorites. I’m also thinking about the Middle East restaurants which used to be all over Accra but are now difficult to find. Luckily, down the street from my Accra hotel, is a Middle Eastern restaurant where I had dinner the last time I stayed and hope to visit again. The safari lodge where we’re staying has a combination of European food and Ghanaian. In Ghana I am a European which just means white to Ghanaians. All this talk of Ghanaian food has my mouth is salivating for kelewele, Guinea fowl and, yup, even fufu.

“Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese – toasted, mostly.”

October 28, 2010

I have an early appointment in Boston so I’m writing this yesterday. It seemed like a good idea so I wouldn’t have to hurry in the morning, but I’m having tense problems. I keep wanting to use is so I will.

Today is a favorite kind of day. It’s raining and has been all day. Sometimes the rain is gentle; other times it rages against the windows and back door. The room here is darkened, lit by the television screen and the monitor. Most days I never watch TV, but today I wanted to watch old black and white science fiction. I didn’t get dressed all day. It just seemed right to be comfortable. For lunch I had a toasted cheese sandwich with tomatoes. It was delicious.

My sandwich had cheddar cheese, Vermont sharp cheddar cheese, and it got me to thinking about cheese. Cheddar is my current favorite, all sorts of cheddar. Its parentage doesn’t generally matter.

My favorite often switches as I am a fan of most cheeses, bleu being the exception. When I was in Africa, I craved cheese, but my mother never thought to send Velveeta, and I never thought to ask. It would have been perfect.

I remember entertaining and feeling quite accomplished when I put together and served my cheese balls. They were covered in nuts or some sort of greenery. At Christmas I think there used to a rule which declared that all households celebrating the season must serve at least one cheese ball. I lived through the fondue era and cheese fondue was my favorite though I have a special place in my heart for chocolate fondue and pound cake.

When I have company, I always serve cheese as one of the hors d’oeuvres. I put out a slab of cheese, lately cheddar, and a triangle of cheese like a mango chutney with cheddar. The crackers vary. I also slice pickles and put out something like fig compote and olive tapenade    (which I never touch) to have with the cheeses. I also still use Velveeta, but it’s never mentioned in polite company.

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