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“Football is unconditional love.”

February 2, 2015

If the groundhog had had any control, he wouldn’t have emerged from his home. He’d have stayed inside warm and cozy, turned over and slipped back to sleep; however, that can never be his choice. The poor groundhog is always wrested from his house then put on display. Today, Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow which, considering the overcast sky, must have been metaphoric. He predicted six more weeks of winter. I figure the falling snow might have been a clue.

We are in the middle of what one newsman called a weather event. For the Cape that means snow then rain. When I woke up, it was snowing but now heavy rain is pelting the snow. The day is ugly and the sky dark and ominous. The pine tree branches in the backyard stand starkly silhouetted against the sky. Rain drips from the roof. I will go nowhere today.

The Super Bowl last night was amazing. My hometown boys took the win, but it seemed a gift from the gods because the Seahawks, on the one yard line, passed the ball instead of running it and gave a Patriots’ undrafted rookie the chance to intercept the ball with only 20 seconds left to play. Come to find out, he had practiced that very play and been beaten to the ball, but he wasn’t this time. He knew what to expect. The camera after that panned to Brady jumping in the air and spinning while Richard Sherman’s face had an incredulous look at first then a painful one when he realized the game was lost. All his on-camera trash talk was for naught.

We had great food last night. Chips and onion dip are a tradition as are corn curls so we had to have them so as not to break the luck. We also had Swedish meatballs, cheesy bread with pizza sauce for dipping and Margherita pizza which had a basil pesto base on naan.

We watch the hoopla after the game. The sky was raining confetti and the Patriots were already wearing their championship hats and shirts. It was a good night all around.

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