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January brings the snow, Makes our feet and fingers glow.

January 6, 2017

We have snow. I awoke to a white world. I think about 4 inches fell, not much but it is the first of the season so it is remarkable in itself. I went out and found my papers. They were the small mound of snow behind my car. Late Saturday through Sunday another storm is due and will drop much more snow than this one, 6 to 10 inches.

My Christmas tree is sitting naked it its stand waiting for the plastic bag to cover it so it can be hauled outside. All the lights and ornaments are on the couch. Needles cover the floor beneath the tree. I’ll haul the storage boxes up from the cellar later. This is a sad day.

My niece in Colorado said her son didn’t have pre-school today. All schools were closed. It was -27˚, the actual temperature. With the wind chill it was -38˚. The weatherman predicts a warm up by noon when it will reach 0˚.  I can’t imagine a temperature that cold.  We seldom even get to single digit temperatures. I complain when it gets down to the 20’s.

The worst of winter stretches in front of me. February and March are the snowiest months. I can even remember a snow day in April. I used to shovel, but I don’t anymore. Skip comes to plow and shovel. I am content to sit inside waiting for him. My biggest exertion is writing the check.

I can’t deny the beauty of the snow. The tree limbs are covered, and when the wind blows, the light, fluffy snow becomes a shower of snow. I watch Gracie go down the back steps worrying that she’ll fall. She tends to slide on the last few steps in her eagerness to hurry to the yard. She keeps her eyes on me as I’m standing by the back door. She is expecting I’ll stay there to open the door for her. I always do.

January is a boring month. It lacks celebration. It lacks color. It is a month to be endured inside the house not outside in the cold. It is the month for reading, for listening to the fire crackling and for snuggling on the couch under a warm afghan.

“Winter is a time of promise because there is so little to do — or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.”

December 29, 2014

I no longer consider myself a loller. Yesterday I went out and did my errands and even brought my laundry downstairs, but I admit it got no further and still sits in the hall waiting for its final journey. I am in no hurry to move it. I just keep adding to it. Doing laundry demands a particular mood or a frantic need for specific clothes like underwear. Maybe tomorrow I keep telling myself.

It’s chilly today. We have sun and a blue sky, but it is pleasing only to the eye, best seen from the warm house through a window.

Getting ready then celebrating Christmas made for an exciting week. It was filled with anticipation and neither Christmas Eve nor Christmas Day disappointed. Now, however, there is a lull. I don’t even have a dance card. I take naps. I still light the Christmas tree every night, but its days are numbered. Soon the house will be boring, bereft of light and color, a perfect reflection of winter.

The ocean in winter looks dark and foreboding. The beach is sometimes so windy and bone chillingly cold you fear you’ll never get warm. The car heater on high makes your fingers tingle as they start to feel again. Your feet seem to take a bit longer, but taking off your shoes and putting your feet by the heater helps. Soon enough hands and feet are back to normal, and it is time to lower the blasting heat and move along.

I always hope no one comes to my door on a winter’s afternoon. I am never dressed for company. Even now I’m in my winter uniform. I’m wearing a sweatshirt, a Celtics sweatshirt, my around the house pants and a pair of new slippers. I haven’t even brushed my hair, but I don’t care. I am comfy and happy, and I’m thinking that’s all that counts.

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