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“The fireflies o’er the meadow In pulses come and go.”

August 1, 2014

Summer mornings are lovely. I sat outside today with my papers and coffee. Gracie was sleeping on the deck, birds were flying back and forth to the feeders, leaves were being gently blown by the breeze and the sun was glinting in and out of the branches of the trees beside me. I didn’t hear a single voice. I could have been the only person left in the world.

When I was around ten, I used to dive off the high board in the pool. I’d stand to the side of the board, aim my hands and dive. I’d go deep. One time I hit the bottom of the pool and slammed my mouth on the concrete, split my lip and broke a piece off my front tooth. I got a ride home that day from one of the life guards. I think I looked worst than I felt. My lip was all swollen and there were tooth marks on my bottom lip. It was a long time before I dared to dive off that board again.

I love the ocean especially at its fiercest during a storm when the waves are white caps crashing against the shore. I can feel the energy of the water and the wind blowing and whipping the sand. The gulls circle and make a raucous noise. I walk on the hard-packed sand close to the water. I walk with the wind.

Fireflies light up my backyard. When I was really little, I thought they were garden fairies, cousins to Tinker Bell. I’d watch them flit and blink between the trees and branches. They were magic. When I got older, I caught some in a jar with a lid that had holes so they could breathe. I never kept them: I just watched them for a while. Even though I know why they blink, I still think they have a bit of magic about them.

My grand-nephew Jack was born this morning. He weighs seven pounds and is 19 and 1/2 inches long. I got a short video and can attest to the power of his lungs. Both mother and baby are fine.

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