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“The sky has a huge heart open for all clouds even on the gloomiest of days.”

July 29, 2017

The air is so thick with moisture everything is still, nothing can move. Rain is expected. I’m thinking about changing movie night to tomorrow because, even if it doesn’t rain, the dampness will make the night chilly. Gracie and I have already been out twice. As I sat on the steps waiting for her, I watched the birds fly in and out of the feeders. When Gracie was done, we sat outside for a bit.

The sky is gray, different degrees of gray. I have a light on but only in this room. I’m keeping the darkness at bay.

We are a house of old creatures. Maddie, the cat, will be 17 and Gracie 12. I will be 70. I accommodate all their needs and give them the best food and tons of love hoping to keep them happy and healthy. Gracie actually eats more vegetables than I do. Her can this morning had green beans and corn. Both of them are nap takers, several naps a day, yet they still sleep all night. Life is good for all of us.

I have a list of chores to do around the house today. The laundry is first on that list. It still sits by the cellar door and is growing day by day. The rest of the chores are far less daunting.

The movie night is officially switched to tomorrow night because of the weather, and all my guests can be there. The menu is set. We’re having meatball, sausage or bratwurst sub sandwiches in marinara sauce. I’m also making a salad with all sort of goodies like dried cranberries, candied walnuts and cherry tomatoes. The sub rolls are from the pasta shop, the sausage from the butcher’s. I bought shrimp and cocktail sauce from the seafood store for one of our appetizers. I was all over the place shopping.

I’m surprised at how quiet it is today. Where are the mowers? Where are the kids? Why aren’t the dogs barking? Where is anybody?

“Do not make a stingy sandwich; Pile the cold cuts high. Customers should see salami coming through the rye.”

April 23, 2010

It’s an on again-off again chilly sunny day. Last night, it rained. We were at the beach enjoying the last of our after dinner ice cream cones when we saw the darkest black cloud moving across the sky. It was mouth dropping beautiful with fluffy edges billowing and drifting back and forth and small pockets of light trying to shine through the different shades of gray and black. I watched it all the way home.

My dance card is empty today. There are places I could go and things I could do, but I’m staying home. I have a new book.

A sub shop was only one block from my elementary school. It was Mr. Santoro’s Sub Shop, the very first ever in town, and Mr. Santoro worked behind the counter with one or two of his sons. He was a short stocky man who always reminded me of my Uncle Lorre, the token Italian in my family as my father used to joke. Mr. Santoro’s sub shop was small with no tables and only stools in front of a counter on the wall opposite the glass case which held all the meats and salads. Silver containers behind where Mr. Santoro took orders held all the fixings. Potato chips hung off tall racks. It was a treat to have enough money to get a sub for lunch, and it was a treat to get out of school for a bit. We’d walk over and patiently stand in line. I’d watch Mr. Santoro make the subs while I was waiting. He was quick and had the rolls filled, topped and wrapped in only a few minutes. I usually ordered tuna on Fridays and Italian the rest of the time. I always had pickles, onions and hot pepper, still do. I’d take my lunch and eat at the counter on chilly days. On nice days I’d walk one block over to the town hall and sit at one of the benches. Eating at Mr. Santoro’s sub shop was my favorite lunch.

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