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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

October 29, 2012

Today looks ominous with a gray sky, a wind already making itself heard and rain. Tracking Sandy is the focus of the day. Regular TV has been superseded by storm center programming on all the local channels. Pictures of the roaring surf smashing against the sea walls make the most impact. The ocean is angry. Yesterday the governor closed all schools for today, asked non-essential government employees to stay home and businesses to close as to keep people off the roads. The storm has been described as a mean, nasty beast.

The wind is picking up. Right now it is 40+ MPH which doesn’t seem all that wild, but combined with the rising seas, it is causing swells which are flooding parking lots, eroding beaches and threatening seaside homes. The ocean with its huge white caps and smashing waves is the most visible evidence of the coming storm. All three TV stations are reporting from the Cape, and their reporters are standing on piers with bobbing boats behind them and spray all around soaking those reporters and silencing their microphones. I almost want to head to Corporation Beach as I know the ocean will be the most dramatic there as it pounds the rocks and floods the parking lot, but I’ll not throw caution to the wind. I’ll stay home, safe and warm for now.

Gracie isn’t at all affected and neither are Fern and Maddie. Today is just a dark, rainy day to them. All three are taking their morning naps. The birds have found refuge: none are around; even the huge blue jays have gone. I wonder where they go to wait out the storm, can’t be the trees as they’re swaying in the wind. I figure under eaves or overpasses must provide some protection.

The hurricane has yet to arrive.

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