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“That grand old poem called Winter”

January 15, 2012

Today is winter. I have no doubt. I woke up to a snow squall, a tiny nor’easter, and a yard covered by the dusting. It is now 13°. I went out for breakfast as I usually do but my car was slow to heat. Gracie was in the back seat wearing her Pendleton coat, and, as I was a bit early, I rode around until the car was warm so Miss Gracie would be comfortable waiting.

The snow isn’t pretty the way some storms are. The wind is tossing the flakes which keep changing size. Right now they’re large and wispy. Just a short while ago, they were tiny and look short-lived. They’re falling beneath a gray white sky. The branches of the pine trees are dark against the snow and sky.

The bird feeders need filling, but I’ll bring them inside to fill then put them back outside. I’m not standing there in this cold. Besides I don’t see a bird. They are huddled elsewhere keeping warm.

The game last night was one-sided. Tom Brady was magnificent. How he found his targets in the middle of all those Broncos was nothing short of amazing. Tebow et al were outclassed from the opening minute. I’m guessing it will be the Ravens next.

I’ll experience the day from right here in my den. My feet are now clad in cozies and slippers, and I’m wearing flannel pants and a sweatshirt. I’m already thinking nap.

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