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“Strangely enough, I really think that shoes are a communication tool between people.”

October 25, 2013

My Red Sox lost last night done in by their own errors just as St. Louis had been in the first game. The next game isn’t until tomorrow, in St. Louis. Peavy is pitching for the Sox which makes me a bit nervous. His last outing was horrific.

The house was cold when I woke up this morning so I turned on the heat. Now it is nice and cozy. Last night must have been chilly as Fern and Gracie were huddled beside me on the down comforter. Maddie was asleep in the guest room, her favorite spot. Now all three animals are having their morning naps. Such a life each of them lives!

When I was young, all my every day shoes had laces while my dress-up shoes had buckles. In high school, the school uniform included black loafers, no dimes. I liked loafers, and when I was much older, I had a couple of pairs. One was black and the other cordovan. They were always stiff at first then they’d get really loose the more they were worn. By the time they had fulfilled their usefulness, they were as loose as slippers. My school loafers  periodically needed new heels and soles so my dad would bring them to the cobbler in the square. In the meantime, I’d wear old loafers saved for such shoe repair emergencies. My dad would polish them for me. He used Kiwi polish, and the first thing he did was spit in the can to moisten the hard, dry polish. He always used the same rag to polish the shoes, and it was covered in brown and black stains. After the shoes were polished, they were left to dry, in pairs, then my dad would brush them so much they shined almost like new. His shoe polishing supplies were in the drawer to the left of the sink. Sometimes when I’d go to visit, he’d have me get his supplies so he could polish my shoes. I always loved that. It was a wonderful Dad thing. After he was finished, there was a little ritual. He’d hold up my shoes and ask me if they didn’t look like new. I always said they did, and I didn’t lie.

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