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“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.”

July 18, 2014

Today is the sort of day Adam and Eve gave up when they ate fruit for lunch. The morning is cool and there’s no humidity. The sun is sharp bright and everything seems to pop in the light. The breeze is just right. I stood on the deck for a while and watched the birds, so many birds at the feeders I filled.

I never left the house yesterday. Truth to tell, I never even got dressed. It was just that sort of a day, one which lent itself either to pure leisure or sloth. You can decide which it was. I choose leisure. It has a more pleasant connotation. I did at least make my bed which gave me a sense of accomplishment. Everything is relative.

My dance card is empty today. That’s fine with me as I have settled into a summer mode of living. The deck is my go-to-it spot, and I love a little nap in the afternoon. Meals are catch as catch can, whatever I can scrounge from the refrigerator. I’m not fussy. It’s a permanent summer vacation.

My eye is swollen and has a bump right below the corner. I’m thinking a bite of some sort, maybe a spider. It’s creepy to think that while I was sleeping something was crawling on my face looking for dinner. If this were a science fiction movie, that bump would be where the man-eating spiders are gestating. The bump would get bigger, start to pulsate and a hungry brood would emerge looking for food, and there I’d be. The plot has more to it, but I’ll leave the rest up to your imaginations. Just think open mouth screaming and go from there.

I was never afraid of snakes or bugs when I was growing up. I was curious more than anything though I do admit to screaming in pain when I got bitten by a bee on the top of my head. The most amazing bug I ever saw was a centipede. It was walking down a tree trunk near where I was sitting behind my house in Ghana. If I had been Ghanaian, I would have grabbed it, roasted it and eaten it with soup.

Around here there are no spectacular bugs. I’m not sure whether I should be glad or disappointed.

“Nothing burns like the cold.”

February 12, 2012

“Marley was dead to begin with.” Okay, that is stolen directly from Dickens, but I did use quotation marks. I wanted a dramatic opening, and that is one of my favorites. Winter is holding sway was all I could come up with as my first line, and it’s a weak one. I wanted drama, I wanted a “Stella!” moment to describe the change in temperature.

It is now is 24° on the Cape and in the teens in Boston. The sunlight has a cold look, a sharpness, to it. The sky is a deep blue but its color lacks any warmth. When the breeze blows, I can feel it fly up my sleeves and down my neck. This is what I remember as being cold.

This is a bundle day, a pull out the afghan day and a nap under the warmth of the down comforter day. I’m going nowhere except upstairs for that nap. Earlier, I went to my usual Sunday breakfast. When the alarm went off, I jumped out of bed to turn it off then I jumped right back under the covers. I wanted to stay in that warm bed, and I know both Gracie and Fern hoped I would. They were warm cozy against me on opposite sides and didn’t move when I tried to get up. Finally I gave them no choice, and the three of us left the warmth of my bed.

The roads were empty this morning. I saw only a few cars, and after breakfast I saw some people walking into church. They were huddled together and bundled. Many of the old ladies wore long coats with fur around the collars. I suspect they also have boots at home in the closet, the kind which slip over shoes with clunky heels and are transparent. The hats they wore this morning were purely decorative.

I don’t have to ask today where winter has gone. I know exactly where it is.