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“I’d rather be a little weird than all boring.”

February 28, 2015

The day is sunny with a blue sky but it looks cold even from the window. The dead leaves at the end of the branches are blowing and making it look worse. Today is a bundle up in many layers sort of day. Right now it is 19˚, a bit warmer than last night. Some snow showers are coming tomorrow, but they don’t even count as anything but an annoyance.

The snow and cold do give me excuses to vegetate a bit although I don’t really need any. After a while, however, even the joy of doing nothing is wearing. Winter has become boring. I haven’t had a cent in my wallet for two weeks. Granted, I did use my cash card but only for food. I bought nothing else because I didn’t go anywhere. This week so far I have amassed a total of 13 miles. It’s embarrassing, but that ends today as I am going to the Multi-Cultural Festival at the college. I’m going to breathe fresh air! I’m breaking free from staying home. I’m getting dressed and am even taking to the highway, okay only three exits, but it is the highway. The Peace Corps has a table there which I organized and have to man for a couple of hours. Other returned volunteers are also taking turns.

I know this is a short entry today, but I have to get ready to leave. I have a list. I always have a list. The music will come later this afternoon after I get home. I’m excited about having a place to go, a different place. I may even double my mileage.

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