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“Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.”

June 3, 2012

Yesterday it rained. Last night it poured and left today cloudy and damp. The weatherman says it will get sunny, but I am skeptical. Right now I’m watching and have been watching the flotilla down the Thames. It is is the largest flotilla since 1662 and the reign of King Charles II and is spectacular! The Royal Barge looks gorgeous with its gold front and red on the rest of the barge, flags waving all along the front and sides, green fir garlands filled with red flowers draped along the sides and flowers in the middle just back of where the Queen is standing. The Havengore with Prince Andrew just floated by the BBC camera. It is cold and rainy in London, much like the weather here. The Queen has been plucky  standing the whole time giving the Queenly wave.

My friends arrived yesterday and I took them on some of my favorite rides, ones Maggie and I used to take. We went all the way down to Chatham light then back partly on Route 28 and partly on back roads. Last night we had dinner at the Brewster Fish House, and it was fantastic. Both John and Michelle loved the small restaurant and their dinners. This morning we went to my usual spot for breakfast, and it reminded them of their Saturday breakfast spot. They’ll be back later to help with preparing dinner. Birgit asked for the curry recipe so I posted it in comments under yesterday’s blog if you’d like it.

I used to invite friends over for dinner more often than I do now. Usually I’d cook something I’d never made before or a favorite like the curry. It is always fun making and trying new dishes, and I’ve been lucky that most have been a success. All but one of my friends are willing dinner companions who will try everything. They may not like everything, but they dismiss nothing without a taste. I appreciate their daring especially after I’ve cooked all day.

Sorry to cut this short today, but I’m going to watch the pageantry for a bit then I have to make the appetizers and start dinner. Have a wonderful Sunday!