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“Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”

June 22, 2014

We have been blessed with perfect days and nights. The sun is warm during the day and the nights are cool for sleeping. The other night even got downright cold so I put an afghan on my bed. Fern slept on my hip which I hate, but as I’m asleep, I don’t notice. Gracie pawed the afghan to her side of the bed, turned several times counter-clockwise then curled up and slept on the afghan. I was cold.

Today I have a few errands then tonight it is the US versus Portugal. All of a sudden I am a soccer fan even though I don’t really know all that much about soccer, but I can surely cheer loudly when the US scores and groan just as loudly when their opponent do. Go USA!!

Growing up near Boston meant cheering for the Red Sox, whom you didn’t expect to win, and for the Celtics who always won. I don’t remember watching the Sox on TV, but I either watched or listened to the Celtics’ games. The CYO often sponsored trips to the Garden but not to Fenway. I went there by bus and the T, the subway system. Tickets were cheap and easy to come by day of game. The stands were never filled. I sat near the dugout several times. I knew the whole team by name and position. Even back then I was a baseball fan for a team that didn’t win a whole lot, but it was my team and that made all the difference. I don’t go to many games any more, once a year if I’m lucky. The seats are far too expensive, even the bleachers aren’t cheap, and when I add food, a Fenway frank is a must, we’re talking really big bucks; instead, I watch the Sox in the comfort of my house with the bathroom close and food of all sorts in the kitchen for the taking. It’s not as exciting as sitting in the ballpark, but it is a whole lot cheaper.

Every Sunday I call my sister in Colorado. I took a break here and went on the deck to talk to her. I was in the sun first as the shade was chilly. All too soon the sun shifted, and the deck got too hot for my feet so I moved to the shade. It was a sort of summer musical chairs.

I loved the deck this morning. The flowers in the clay pots on the rail are beautiful, and the birds were in and out at the feeders. The herbs in the boxes smell great and I rubbed my hand up the rosemary plant as that has the best smell of all. I can’t think of anything in summer not to like, even the rain.