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” Ah, yes, superstition: it would appear to be cowardice in face of the supernatural.”

January 13, 2012

I am so very late today as I was a sloth. It was 11 before I woke up. Two phone calls before nine woke me, but I settled back under the covers both times and went back to sleep. Fern nestled beside me on one side and Gracie on the other. They are both now napping.

When I went to get the papers, I was astonished at how warm it was. It was 51°. I checked the weather in the paper as I had expected it to be cold, but that front isn’t due until tomorrow. I know it’s coming as already, in the last two hours, the temperature has dropped to 48°, still mild for winter but I’m getting spoiled by this winter and have high expectations (which you can accept as an intentional play on words).

The wind was amazing earlier. I heard a crash on the deck and both Gracie and I went running. The umbrella in the 100 pound metal stand had been blown over and it hit the railing. The wind has since weakened but it was wild for a while.

Today is Friday the 13th. The local paper, The Cape Cod Times, had a whole page about it. I found out that you can have your tonsils out today if you so choose as hemorrhages are no more likely today than any other day even though more than 40% of the surgical staff in a hospital in Germany believed otherwise. The Embassy Suites Hotel in Tampa has a 13th floor although most skyscrapers built-in the last 40 years don’t. The hotel opened in 2007 to much controversy and two guests requested a change of floors. I don’t know why they didn’t in the first place. That makes me wonder. The girl scout cookie sale starts around here today. I consider that a good thing. I’m thinking thin mints! Black cats are far less likely to be adopted. I told Maddie, my black cat, that she was a statistical anomaly but she didn’t even raise her head to acknowledge my comment.

I am not superstitious so today is like any other day to me; however,  I do have to  have blood drawn.  I hope those 40% are as wrong as I think they are.

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