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“I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them.”

December 7, 2015

Today is wonderfully warm. The sky is a bit grey. There is no breeze so the dead leaves sit quietly at the ends of the branches. I have one errand today, and I was with my neighbor earlier for our Monday session of talking English and learning questions for the citizenship test. She is from Brazil. Her husband is already a citizen so she is hoping to become one. We covered a bit of early America and the few questions about World War II. “Why do I need to know that?” was her question about the Axis powers of World War II. I gave her an answer she didn’t seem to understand then I said because it’s in the book and they might ask you. That answer she accepted.

I got two Christmas boxes of goodies when I was in Ghana. Both arrived about a month after Christmas. They weren’t filled with the usual presents like clothes or jewelry or books. They had Mac and Cheese, sauces, ready made dinners, beef jerky and some fun stuff like origami and paddle balls. To make all those goodies last longer we had them only one day a week. Sunday was eat from the box day. The rest of the week we ate Ghanaian, and on Saturdays we often bought the food from chop bars in the lorry park. Chops bars sell food. Most are small shacks with a few wobbly branches and tables. We usually bought fufu or T-zed.

Sunday was always a special day. We’d go through our boxes and decide what we wanted to eat. Kraft macaroni and cheese was a feast. Noodles with Alfredo sauce almost made us swoon. We’d eat a few M&M’s after dinner, but only a few so they’d last longer. We were in food heaven.

I never thought that I would consider macaroni and cheese sublime, but in Ghana I learned to appreciate so many things because I didn’t have them. They were little things and they were food things. I still remember how much I wanted cole slaw.


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