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“The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.”

June 30, 2013

My mood and the day are a perfect match: dark and dismal. My back is fine so I have no complaints there, but my leg in the morning is always unhappy, and it takes a while for modern medicine to work its magic. Until then the leg goes up on the couch, off the couch and back up again a few times while I try to find a comfortable, less painful spot. Most times I am not all that lucky. As for right now, the marvel of medicine has done its job.

I still think of Sunday as a do nothing sort of day. When I was a kid, it was a quiet day. After breakfast, I’d dress for church. Unless I was up early enough to go with my dad, my brother and I walked to mass together. My dad was an usher, the guy who passed the basket. It was a neat basket with a handle so long the basket reached to the middle of the long middle pews. My dad did the center first then one side while his partner did the other. Those were the days of suits, even in the summer. My dad didn’t have a light weight suit. I don’t even know if they had them back then. His suits were dark black or blue or gray. He always wore a starched white shirt. On the way home he’d stop to get the Sunday paper and a dozen donuts. He was a plain donut man. My mother was never a coffee drinker, but she loved dunking her donuts in coffee, her plain donuts. Back then I was a jelly donut fan and was a pro at catching the oozy jelly from the bottom hole before it hit my shirt. It is a skill in which I still excel though now I prefer lemon to jelly, but my favorite of all is a butternut donut. I don’t get donuts often, but yesterday my friend brought me iced coffee and a lemon donut. That donut was perfectly fresh and delicious, and not a drop of lemon fell.