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“I know most people use their phones to tell time, but there’s something very romantic and beautiful about a timepiece.”

January 27, 2018

Today is a disappointment. It was supposed to be a warmish with some sun; instead, it is cloudy with a chilling wind. I do have to go out this afternoon as it is dump day, and I also need a few groceries. Maddie disappeared this morning before I could give her her meds, but she was easy to find. She is upstairs sleeping on a guest room bed. Maddie hasn’t eaten much, but at least she has eaten something.

When I first moved into my house, I had a desk, a TV and a studio couch, all in one room. In the kitchen I had two pots, a frying pan and a toaster oven. I didn’t even have a fridge for the first few days. Though the mortgage was half my month’s salary, I remember sitting in the sun on the small farmer’s deck in a hand-me down blue lawn chair thinking I owned the world.

Last night the house was dark except for the candles in the windows and a few others in the living room. I love my house by candlelight. It feels alive and filled with warmth. I wait a long time before I turn on a light.

I remember learning to tie my shoes though I don’t remember how old I was. My mother taught me how. We sat in the living room, and she tied the shoelaces over and over again as I watched. When it was my turn, I kept tying the laces so loosely the bow wouldn’t hold, but I kept on until I finally mastered the task. My shoes, though, were always loose, and I had to keep retying the laces. It took a while before I figured how to make the bow tight.

I think of kids today with their velcro shoes, never needing to be tied, their digital watches which show the time in 4 digits so kids never learn quarter or half past or any time words and their computers which take away the need to learn cursive writing. I don’t know if those skills are really all that important any more, but I know they were milestones when I was growing up. I remember feeling so proud and accomplished I wanted everyone to know. Hey, world, here I am a kid who can tell time, tie a shoe and write my name.

“The world was hers for the reading.”

November 17, 2012

No question about the day: it’s a late fall day, a pre-winter sort of day when the air is cold, the sun is shining providing light but no heat and the sky is a brilliant blue, the sort of blue which only comes in the clear air of a cold day. The leaves still left on the trees in the backyard are brown. I look outside and it is uninviting, even with the sun. I’ll venture out later to fill the feeders and pick up some paper towels Gracie stole from the trash bag on the kitchen floor. She is quite particular about what she takes and she always sneaks out the dog door with her treasures. I’ve yet to catch her in the act.

I’m watching the worst movie, a 1940 film called Out West with the Peppers, a sequel to The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew which I watched a few weeks ago. I chose it over a syfy channel film about a creature which lives on light and energy, a creature which looks a lot like the crawling roots of a tree. I read a few books from The Five Little Peppers’ series when I was young. I got the first book for Christmas one year so I figure it’s a bit of nostalgia which has me watching.

I have nothing planned for the day except the usual: make the bed, take a shower and get dressed in sloppy comfortable clothes. I’m thinking I might even fold and bring up the laundry which has been sitting in the dryer for a few days. There’s also a cabinet which could use some organizing so that goes on the possibility list. That’s about all I can come up with for now. I figure it’s enough.

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