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“They’re grrrrrrrrrreat!”

September 16, 2016

4 Days to go!!

Last night was downright cold. When I woke up, Gracie was lying against me, and Fern was on my hip. It seems both of them wanted my body heat. I, meanwhile, was under the comforter and was warm and cozy.

I checked the thermostat when I got downstairs, and the house was only 62˚. It was sweatshirt time. Lately I have had food cravings. First, it was pizza, and we had it for dinner on movie night. Next, it was fish and chips, and I had that for dinner last night. Chinese was a week ago. I don’t seem to crave Mexican though I did have a quesadilla on pizza night, and it was delicious. In Hyannis is the Brazilian Grill and Pavilion Indian. Neither one tickles my taste buds. I have a shepherd’s pie in my freezer. It has sat there a few weeks. Maybe that’ll be dinner.

Fern is quite unhappy now when she gets her medicine, especially the mouth one. She sees me going to the desk where I keep the medicine, and she is gone like a flash. I fill the syringe then sit and wait until she figures all is clear then I get her. The ear stuff is easier. I distract her with treats and slathered her ears while she is eating. Food trumps ear medicine.

Television is boring especially right now. Yesterday I watched WBINclassics. It airs old programs, some from my childhood like McHale’s Navy,  Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver. I ignore my internal critic.

My garden is looking forlorn. Most of the flowers are best their prime. A few white ones are still on the fence, and the front garden has a couple of new flowers, fall bloomers. A mum sits by the front steps, my acknowledgement of fall.

I knew all the commercial jingles when I was a kid. They just stuck in my head. Oscar Mayer was a favorite. The old Frito Bandito makes me cringe now. Snap, Crackle and Pop make the world go round, and Rice Krispies is my favorite cereal. Everyone knows it’s Slinky. I still have one, the old one, not the plastic new one. I wish all those Texaco guys would reappear especially when it rains. Mr. Clean is still around. I always loved his earring. You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. The Campbell kids have disappeared but luckily they didn’t take their tomato soup with them or grilled Velveeta cheese sandwiches would be very lonely.

When the belly is full, it says to the head, “Sing, fellow!”

September 18, 2014

The day is warm and sunny. It will hit 70˚. I guess summer is hoping for a grand exit. I’m heading for the deck after this, bringing my book and some bird seed. The feeders are all empty, the fault of the red spawn who is relentless. I think it is time to trap him and take him down cape or up cape. It doesn’t matter which, away is enough.

The Foodie Crawl was wonderful. We tasted food from many Mexican restaurants, an Ethiopian, Brazilian, Casey’s Bar and so many more. I tasted the best guacamole I’ve ever had and a blueberry dessert which was scrumptious. At Casey’s they gave us a chuck of chicken, a piece of sausage, a meatball and a piece of pizza to put them on. It was great pizza. At one stop I had green tomato gazpacho, a fried green tomato on top of greens with a champagne dressing and pulled pork. The food was served in small plastic cups, but every stop had at least two cups for us to try. I think I made it through 10 stops before I could eat no more. My sister managed two stops beyond mine. My back didn’t last so I sat on benches and sat down to eat if I could then I’d start walking again. We had a lot of fun and lots of great food so we decided we’d do it again next year and bring more people. The only down spot was when we got back to the car and found a parking ticket on the windshield.

As I was driving toward Boston, I noticed a few trees in their autumn reds. Two hawks were riding the thermals above the highway and over the trees. They glided in circles, their wings folded. I watched as long as I could.

I never won a Palmer Method medal. I thought I did the best circles, but I was wrong. My guess is it had to do with arm placement. I knew I wasn’t supposed to move my arm, just my hand when doing all the exercises, but I couldn’t keep it still. My arm went back and forth and up and down. In second grade I got spelling and religion ribbons for having 100% on both year-end tests. The ribbons had the subject written on the front and a pin on the back so they could be pinned on my blouse. They had to do.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

July 18, 2011

Right now the day is lovely, breezy and cool at 77°, but there is a thunder and lightning storm advisory for this afternoon and tonight with damaging winds expected. I’ll be lowering my umbrellas before the wind takes them, and they become extras for The Wizard of Oz. Summer storms are often mighty.

This is one of my what in the heck can I talk about days when my muses are taking care of their own business at my expense. Tonight I am meeting my nephew for dinner. We’re doing Mexican. I have a play on Wednesday, Sherlock Holmes, and that’s it for the week. I do need to go to the library as I am out of books, and that is dire.

When I was a kid, libraries were sanctuaries like churches. Whispering quietly was all that was allowed or is that aloud?  Shushing was what we often heard from the librarian who also believed that the gesture of a finger on her lips had to follow shushing. I never understood why the library had to be quiet. Reading a book so transfixed me that I never heard anything, even my mother yelling for me who swore I was ignoring her on purpose, and I certainly wouldn’t have heard anybody whispering in the library.

The quiet rule sometimes had the opposite effect. When one of us laughed, we all did, and we couldn’t stop despite the shushing and the warnings. We were actually asked to leave the library a couple of times when I was kid. We thought it was so hysterically funny to be tossed out we always left laughing, out loud. I’m sure it displeased the dour librarian wearing the flowered dress, sensible shoes and a bun in her hair. For years, I thought all librarians had to wear that uniform.

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