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“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

October 4, 2011

I’m tired today. I do have a few errands, but I’m not moving until later this afternoon. If I didn’t need animal food, I probably wouldn’t move at all.

We have sun, a real sunny day with no clouds for the sun to hide behind. Though it’s only in the low 60’s, the sun more than makes up for the temperature, and, without the dampness, I can feel real warmth in the air. Yesterday was a sad day. It was close up the deck day. Most of the furniture was covered and the candles taken off the trees. Only the two big wooden chairs stay uncovered all winter, and I’m hoping for a stray deck day to appear so I can sit on one of them with my eyes closed and my face to the sun.

When I was little, nobody I knew had a deck. I don’t even think I ever saw a deck. People just put their lawn chairs in the backyard on the grass. My grandparents had wooden Adirondack chairs. I think the color of the chairs matched the green trim of their house, but I’m not so sure. Other yards had those metal chairs which came in all different colors. I remember burning the backs of my legs when I sat down on one that had been in the sun too long. That was their painful drawback. My parents had ones which folded and seldom lasted more than a single season. The legs or the arms would bend, and the chairs wouldn’t open or sometimes they wouldn’t close. I had a few of those chairs after I first moved in here. I think there is still a lounge in the cellar. It won’t open and I can’t imagine why I’ve kept it.

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