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“Dinosaurs are extinct today because they lacked opposable thumbs and the brainpower to build a space program.”

October 16, 2017

That pesky sun is still among the missing. Everything is wet so it must have rained during the night. The weather report says sun later in the day, but I’m skeptical because of yesterday when the sun was everywhere but here.

I have been watching black and white science fiction films from YouTube on the TV. They have, thus far, been awful but good awful. I am watching 1951’s Unknown World. Scientists have predicted that the continued detonation of H-bombs will devastate the Earth; instead, scientists are suggesting the building of a Cyclotram, a space ship type machine built to bore through the Earth’s surface so they can find a place where humanity can live and escape the bombs. This movie has it all: the future visionary predicting the end of mankind whom few people believe, government skeptics, a fun loving playboy who has financed the trip as a lark and the pretty female scientist chronicling the trip who didn’t leave home without her hat.

When I was a kid watching these movies, I never noticed the bad acting, the terrible sets or the inaccurate science. It all seemed spectacular and amazing especially the space ships and the trips to Mars. I believed in all the possibilities.

My house is an indoor dust bowl. I could write my name on the surfaces in this room, my cluttered den. I’m in trouble. I see work ahead. When I went to the bathroom, I cleaned and dusted everything, not my intention at all. Now, looking around this room, I know I’m going to end up cleaning today. Luckily, this feeling is rare.

I did all my errands yesterday. The traffic was light so the going was quick. The animal food, though, is still in the trunk. I left bird seed, suet, cans of dog and cat food and cat treats there. It was all so heavy I brought in only what I needed. I’ll make a couple of trips today and clear the trunk.

Okay, the woman scientist just fainted. The playboy saved her. I don’t think there is any doubt as to where this plot is headed.

”When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the Moon, I cried.”

September 26, 2017

Last night I fell into a mirror under the nose deep sleep and woke up at 10:15. Gracie woke me up earlier wanting to join me on the couch, and from next door I heard sawing and hammering, but neither was enough to keep me awake. When I went to get the papers, the sun was shining. It is already hot and humid. I need to go to Agway, and that’s it for the day.

Gracie was sick this morning. She wouldn’t even take a piece of chicken, a bad sign. I immediately gave her a pill to settle her stomach. About a half hour later she ate her breakfast, and she seems fine.

I’m watching a really bad movie, The Green Slime released in 1968. The slime, a space remnant unknowingly brought onto a space station, produces creatures with one eye in the middle of what I presume are their faces. They have octopus like arms they flail about as they walk. They each have two legs, real legs badly disguised. The movie was made in Japan but has no Japanese actors. It takes place on a space station. The women in it, nurses and a doctor, scream, put their hands in front of their mouths in horror and are frozen to the spot when the creatures get closer. The electronics are primitive, mostly levers, buttons and lights. The crew is about to destroy the space station hoping to kill the creatures who have multiplied and are now so many that they cover almost the whole outside of the station. This movie is so bad I’m going to buy it for next summer’s movies on the deck.

When I was a kid, I loved all the science fiction movies filled with space ships, monsters, giant insects and aliens but when I was ten, space became real. Sputnik was launched. I remember the scare about the Soviets launching bombs at us from outer space. Duck and cover wouldn’t save us any more. All of a sudden we were in a space race and we were losing.

Science fiction didn’t fade away after the advent of real space travel. It got more sophisticated and complex. There were still monsters of a sort, think Alien, and computers like Hal, and space ships, filled with realistic controls, and there was exploration of space, of trips to Mars. It seemed real, within reach and filled with possibilities. It was my childhood imaginings come to life. It was a wonder.

“To look at the paper is to raise a seashell to one’s ear and to be overwhelmed by the roar of humanity.”

October 10, 2014

Blame the newspapers. I got a late start because I slept in and had to read the papers and drink a couple of cups of coffee before I could consider the day official.

The papers this morning were riveting. Several articles were head-shaking and even funny in a weird way. The first had to do with Adrian Peterson at his court appearance on the child abuse charge. The funny in a weird way came not from the charge but from Peterson’s stupidity. During his urinalysis he told the worker he had smoked marijuana in violation of his bond agreement. This is a direct quote from the district attorney’s office, ” In light of this statement, and the fact it was made during the urinalysis process, and the term ‘weed’ is a common slang term for marijuana, the state argues that the defendant has smoked marijuana while on bond.” Thank God for the clarification.

I noticed that catchy phrases, mini-headlines, are the in thing. Missing the Target, from the Cape Times, is an article about the SS James Longstreet, a target ship, placed off the coast of Eastham in 1945. I remember in the 70’s when it was still afloat, a rusted, pock-marked relic. Now it is submerged at a full or high tide and is a hazard to navigation as the remaining ship’s bones are hidden by the water and could rip a boat’s hull if the boaters didn’t know they were there; hence, the title.

The Cape Times, of course, highlights local news. An alleged bank robber was arrested when the car in which she was a passenger hit two police cars at a roadblock. In the last two weeks, four Cape banks have been robbed, and this woman allegedly committed the fourth robbery. She must have needed the money as she had just been released from the House of Correction. I’m thinking her choice of a driver was a bit sketchy. The only quote in the article came from a gawker,”I think it’s crazy. I know that drug addiction plays a big part in these robberies, but I also think the economy has a lot to do with it.” That’s someone else to thank for clarification.

In case you were wondering, NASA is ready to observe the speeding comet the size of a mountain on its way to within 87,000 miles of Mars. Whew! I was worried.

It’s official: the travel industry is wary of Ebola. Itineraries of ships have been changed, and they will berth in different ports of call. My favorite line in the whole article was the last,” Princess Cruise Lines is also considering rerouting its 30-day “West African Adventure.”

The morning is chilly but sunny.

That’s the news and the weather report for today!