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“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

February 19, 2011

Spring has returned to wherever it goes during winter. The wind is wild and cold. Outside my widow the world looks most uninviting. Earlier, I went to my local Border’s as their closing sale began today. I hate losing it.

Paper will soon be obsolete. Bookstores are closing. When was the last time any of us wrote a letter on real paper? How about a diary? I remember writing in my diary. I wrote longingly about the boy who was my latest crush and I wrote sad descriptions of my latest teen angst, the sort that made my world fall apart. The key was always carefully hidden to keep the diary from prying eyes. When I traveled, I kept a journal, still do. Every night I write of the sights and the sounds and draw easily from my memories of the day. I have some aerogrames I wrote to my parents from Africa. They are filled with descriptions of my life in Ghana, and when I read them, I am pulled back to those days through my own words. There is something so personal about holding those letters as I read them.

The computer has made it so easy to write and to publish, sort of. I know this blog has become my diary, and I share with all of you. I write almost every day about all sorts of things, but the most personal parts of my life aren’t here. I hold them close to my heart. They are the feelings that filled my diary, the one with the key.

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