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“There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch.”

October 29, 2017

It rained earlier and it’s still cloudy and damp, but I don’t mind as we’ve had such lovely days of late. There is a high wind warning for all of tonight into tomorrow. Despite the damp, it will be warmish, in the mid 60’s.

Last night I watched Lady in White, one of my favorites this time of year. Despite no blood, no masked killers and no hatchets and knives, the movie is scary. The characters, including the murderer, are regular people living in a lovely small town. It is this ordinariness which makes what happens even scarier than watching a crazy man in a mask.

Tonight is game night with added Halloween fun. We’re going to decorate sugar cookies first. If that is anything like when we make and decorate our gingerbread houses, we’ll all be concentrating so much on our artistic endeavors we won’t be conversing, just decorating.

When I was a kid, we’d all be on Halloween countdown with only two days to go. Finalizing costumes and deciding our candy route were prime topics of conversation as we walked to school. Our costumes were always homemade, and my mother was imaginative. The only thing she bought was a new mask for each of us. We carried pillowcases as they had plenty of room for all the candy. My two sisters went out early and stayed in the neighborhood. My brother and I wandered all over town.

I loved movies which made me jump from something unexpected. It was sort of fun to be scared but the fun was mostly afterwards once our breathing normalized. When I was about ten, I was watching The House of Wax and got really scared when Vincent Price’s mask fell off his burned, scarred face.

I remember seeing Jaws for the first time. When Hooper scuba dives to look for the shark, he finds Ben Gardner’s boat. He and I both jumped when Ben’s face appeared out of a hole in the boat. I think that’s the scariest scene in the movie.

Afternoon football games on Sunday always remind me of my dad. He sat in his spot on the couch to watch the games. Right beside his spot was a table which was perfect to hold his game snacks or his lunch depending on the time of the game. He loved his snacks and he loved football. My mother and I didn’t watch and were usually at the kitchen table playing a game or two. We didn’t have to be with my father to know how the game was going. He was never a quiet fan.

“Books and movies, they are not mere entertainment. They sustain me and help me cope with my real life.”

October 10, 2013

It has been a fruitful morning. The plants have been watered, the bed made, the laundry washed and the bills paid. I feel quite accomplished, and it isn’t even noon. On second thought, though, it does seem sort of silly to feel accomplished at the completion of such mundane tasks. People are getting Nobel Prizes, and I’m making my bed.

Nothing to do today so I figure to stay around and go through the thousands of catalogues I received the last couple of days. Maybe I can get some Christmas presents bought. I love shopping at the touch of a mouse.

Yesterday I saw Gravity in 3D. I thought about the 3D glasses we all wore when we were kids, the cardboard ones with red and blue plastic lenses. Now they have been replaced by plastic ones which look like real glasses. You don’t have to hold them: they even stay behind your ears. The old ones never did. The coming attractions were also in 3D. The Hobbit preview reminded me of the Viewmaster slides when one character seemed to stand out from the background.

I really liked the movie. The special effects were amazing. At one point I swore a bubble was about to hit me, but I think it hit the guy at the end of the row. Space was magnificent. The movie is short, only around 90 minutes, but after seeing the movie, I understand why. It couldn’t be any longer.

I remember watching The House of Wax on TV when I was a kid. It scared the heck out of me at the end when Vincent Price’s face fell apart after our heroine hit him. That outer face had been made of wax to cover the horrific scars from burns which had pretty much obliterated his face.

The House of Wax was the first movie released in 3D, but I only saw it on television. I remember one effect which I figured had been 3D. A ball on a string came right at you, and I’m suspecting people in the theater moved back the same way people do behind glass if water is thrown at it. Warner Brothers called it NaturalVision 3 dimension.

I always hesitate recommending movies to people. Because I like a movie doesn’t mean someone else will. I always cringe when I’m told a friend hated a movie I recommended so now I avoid doing that. When asked how the movie was, I just say I liked it and leave it at that.

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