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“The grocery store is the great equalizer where mankind comes to grips with the facts of life like toilet tissue”

June 12, 2012

Okay, I admit it: I didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday. I just couldn’t bring myself to go do that odious chore; however, today I have to go and have ample reasons why, the most pressing being I am just about out of toilet paper. I suppose after I finish here, I’ll put on a brave face and head out to Stop & Shop.

This morning I had a library board meeting. The day was overcast and cool when I left the house just before nine. Since then, the sun has poked out of the clouds a couple of times but hasn’t yet decided to stay. I don’t mind. I like today. I like the stillness of the air and the light grey of the sky, but most of all I like the way the colors of the flowers seem to pop out of their gardens against the backdrop of the grey sky.

June is such a peculiar month. Some days are so hot it seems more like deep August while days like today, in the low 60’s, are more like April when we see the first stirrings of spring. I’m wearing a sweatshirt, and the air from the open window is making the room feel cold; however, I haven’t resorted to shoes. Sandals are now my preferred footwear.

The deck needs a bit of sweeping again but only because of leaves. All the pollen is gone, and the tables and chairs are still clean. I was just out there while I was talking on the phone, and I watered plants and picked up leaves as I chatted. It was my sister with an update on the baby. He has been moved to the NICU because of issues with his pancreas. He is tubed and has his own nurse keeping watch. My poor niece, who is mostly bed-bound, has seen little of her baby and thinks he’ll feel like an orphan. That will never happen with my sister around. She’ll keep him company. Last night it was for an hour before he ate and fell asleep. The nurses say he is a little finicky and screams as soon as he needs a diaper change. The other babies in the NICU are preemies and a set of twins together weigh less than Declan. My niece has been assured that the baby be fine though he may not be ready to go home with her on Thursday. We’ll see what happens.

I wish I had so much more to say so I could delay finishing but sadly I don’t. Stop and Shop time is getting closer.

“Once we hit forty, women only have about four taste buds left: one for vodka, one for wine, one for cheese, and one for chocolate.”

April 6, 2012

My casual morning has made me a bit tardy in writing today. I was up quite late last night and slept in this morning. It was Gracie who decided it was time to get up and out. It was probably a good thing as I have to hit the aisles and grocery shop. I don’t even have the bare essentials: coffee and toilet paper. I finished the last of the coffee this morning and the toilet paper roll looks a bit skimpy.

The Red Sox lost their opener yesterday. They tied it up only to lose in the bottom of the ninth. Oh, the dismay!

My neighbors have returned from Florida so that’s another sign of spring. Today, though, is still in the 40’s which I think is chilly. The sun is shining and the sky is blue but they are merely for effect. They look best from inside the house through the window.

We always had today off from school when I was a kid. We were supposed to go to church in the afternoon during the vigil, but we seldom did. Once I went and brought a book which I hid inside the hymnal and read while I was sitting in the pew. I looked pious with my head down as if deep in prayer. Even when I was working in the public school, it was a day off. One year the school committee decided that because Good Friday was connected to religion it was going to be a school day, but people could take it off for religious reasons. The number of teachers who called in floored me especially as some of them hadn’t seen the inside of a church since their baptisms. We had no substitutes  and had to have kids in the auditorium for large-scale study halls. That was the one and only time we had school on Good Friday.

We never had a countdown to Easter the way we did to Christmas. We knew our baskets would have candy, a stuffed animal when we were younger, probably a coloring book and crayons, maybe a kite and a few other small toys. We could always count on a chocolate rabbit and jelly beans. The rest was usually a surprise. I saw the best chocolate rabbit for sale in a catalog. It came with extra ears as the ears were always the first to go.

When we were younger, my mother bought inexpensive chocolate as we didn’t know the difference, but when we got older, she shopped at a candy store because we could taste the difference. I still shop at a candy store to make up baskets for my two friends. I buy little treasures to add to the candy and wrap all of them so the baskets are more fun. Today I have to candy shop. That makes going to the grocery store a bit more palatable.