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It’s not like Massachusetts, where they’re baptized Democrats.”

July 21, 2012

It’s another gorgeous morning, cool and sunny. A breeze is blowing. The leaves, dappled in sunlight, are gently swinging from the ends of their branches. I stood on the deck for the longest time this morning just taking in the day. I watched Gracie roaming what I call the back forty. I watched the birds taking seeds from the feeders then I sat down for just a bit and heard the fountain, the songs of the birds and the crunch of the leaves when Gracie ran over them as she circled the yard. I smelled the flowers and the freshness of the air. The morning filled all my senses.

Today I have errands, and I’m not even complaining. It’s a perfect day for a ride even if it is to the grocery store and the pharmacy. I’m thinking after my stops I might just keep going on the back roads and travel a bit down-cape. I haven’t done that in a while, but then again, I have a new book and comfy deck chairs. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll put off the errands until late afternoon and sit outside with my book, a cold drink and Miss Gracie. I like having choices.

I have lived in Massachusetts for the whole of my life except, of course, for the two years in the Peace Corps. I wouldn’t think of living anywhere else. We have four seasons: two I love and two I tolerate because of their extremes. We have mountains, albeit small ones, and the seashore. History oozes all around us. We can visit Plimouth Plantation and Plymouth Rock and be whisked back to 1620, and we can stand where the revolution unfolded on Lexington Green. Paul Revere’s house still stands as does the steeple where he watched for the lanterns. We can ride the pedal-driven swan boats on the small lake in the Boston Public Garden just as people did over a hundred years ago. Here on the cape, whales spend the summer and a few great white sharks make headlines. Nothing tastes better than steamed clams freshly dug from the sand flats. I still take pride that this was the only state which voted for McGovern. We love our sports teams, sometimes even rabidly, and they have thanked us by winning championships. White churches on hills are still parts of small Massachusetts towns. Nothing is prettier than fall when bright red and yellow leaves decorate trees and shade roads. I may complain but falling snow is lovely.

I have always considered myself lucky for living here.

“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.”

June 21, 2012

Already it is 86°. I ventured out to get the papers then hustled back into the coolness of my house. Yesterday afternoon I turned on the AC, and by last night the temperature was so low my nose and feet were cold. I couldn’t help the nose but my feet got slippers.

I noticed my neighbors have their screen door in while I  still have the storm door. The paper predicted it will be our usual June weather by Monday, 59° at night, so I’ll wait on that screen just a bit longer.

Cue the Jaws’ shark theme! Two great whites have returned to Chatham lured by the bounty of food, by all those seals lolling on the rocks. The sharks had been tagged last year, and it appears they enjoyed their vacation enough to return.

I just finished a Clive Cussler, easy, breezy summer reading. I knew from page one that our hero, Kurt Austin, would be in harrowing situations and forced to face death at least a few times; however, I knew he would save the girl, as there always is a girl, and triumph over the bad guy, a meglomaniac controlling weather and rainfall in his bid to take over the world. You’ve got to love a bad guy with a vision!

I am of the opinion that summer reading should never be taxing, never really need a whole lot of thought. Clive is the perfect example. You already know the outline of the plot and his heroes are interchangeable, but it doesn’t matter. The books are fun to read. I  heard the summer reading program on NPR a year or so ago and laughed at the comment that every summer at least one book should be about Nazis. I have a whole bookcase filled on my iPad with books like a John Sandford and his hero, Lucas Davenport, a Victorian mystery where ladies swoon, two books about baseball, a James Patterson and a couple of spy/espionage thrillers by authors I’ve never read before-it was the genre that caught my eye.

With the Red Sox on the TV in the background, I spend the evening mostly reading but watching when the Sox come to bat. I’m nice and cool dressed in my t-shirt, my gaudy Hawaiian looking Capri pants, worn only in the house or the deck, and my flip-flops. A cold drink is on the table. The dog is asleep on the couch. It’s a perfect summer evening!