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“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.”

April 23, 2012

My PC is ailing. This morning has been a struggle. I think I’ll have to stop at my computer place and discuss the symptoms. I got so frustrated earlier that the air got blue a few times, but I did feel better afterwards.

We have had two days of rain, and I couldn’t be happier. Everything was just so dry, and there have been brush fires across the state. The red alert for fire possibilities has been in effect for several weeks so I hope the rain has helped lower the dangers.

Today is an out and about day. I have a few errands and some fun shopping which makes those errands more palatable. It is cool enough that Miss Gracie can come. Right now she is napping after her exhausting morning of barking and barking at the rabbit which decided to sit within her view and mock her.

My exertions at the computer have wiped out any original thought. I really hate it when machines out of my control begin to malfunction. With the small appliances, made for obsolescence, I just toss them and buy another. I always figure they were meant for a short life on this earth. But with larger machines like computers or even washing machines, my daily life is totally interrupted. I can’t wear dirty clothes and washing machines aren’t cheap. My MAC can replace my PC but I haven’t transferred all the files so that might be next. I’m groaning at the thought.

My mother always went over her budget when she bought us shoes. She figured the more expensive ones would save her money in the long run. She was right. Ihave the same philosophy with most things, not just shoes. I do a lot of research as sometimes small ticket items are just as good as large but without the fanfare, but I don’t mind spending the money if what I’m getting is worth the price.

Okay, this one is a doozie. The other day I got a free download from Noel Paul Stookey. It was an e-mail sent widespread, “In thanks for your past support of Noel Paul Stookey and Neworld Multimedia Music.” It also came with a video. I laughed and deleted it.