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“When we lose Fenway, we lose the sense that somebody sat here and watched Ted Williams hit.”

December 26, 2011

The sun popped out, took a look at the day and went right back behind the clouds. The wind is blowing but the day feels warm at 40°. All of the animals are sleeping, and I think them wise. The day after Christmas is always a bit of a letdown. The anticipation is gone, and the wonderful Christmas music disappears off the radio. The tree gets lit every night, but its job is pretty much done. Today is, for me, a day to sit and look at my presents again and do little or nothing. I’m not even going to get dressed. Brushing my teeth is about the only planned activity.

My friends gave me a brick for Christmas but not just any brick. It’s a replica of the brick with my name on it which will become a forever part of Fenway Park when the bricks are laid in the concourse near gates B & C. This new brick walkway is part of the celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of  Fenway Park. I can’t even describe how excited I was when I opened my present. It’s about the best present ever, at least since I got my bike.

I have loved the Red Sox since I was a little kid. In those days the bleacher seats cost under a dollar, and day of game seats were always available, even for the best seats, the boxes right beside the field. When I was in college, the guy I was dating would have his mother pack a box (sorry!) lunch and we’d head to the park. He always bought seats near the dugout. A game at Fenway is like a game nowhere else as so many seats are close to the action. It’s almost as if you were on the field. Last year was a bust for my Sox, but, as always, we fans know the next year will be a better one. That has always been our mantra.

The sun is back, and the sky has patches of blue. It will be a lovely day after all.

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