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“I haven’t been falling all this time. I’ve been flying”

February 1, 2018

We had about 4 inches of snow. My factotum Skip, came on Tuesday afternoon, and shoveled the walk and got the car free. Yesterday morning I went to get the papers. I put my foot on the mat outside the door and my foot slid out from under me. I used my right hand to break my fall. I landed hard on the first step and just sat there a while trying to get my wits about me. My wrist and my foot hurt. My butt was getting wet from the mat I was sitting on. My door was still open. Finally I gingerly got up and limped to the road and got my papers. Today my right wrist is swollen and sore and has a big lump. My left foot is swollen and my knee is painful but only if I move it ( a little humor here). I limp. I’m the walking wounded.

When I was a kid, my first fall resulted in a broken wrist. I was around 4 or 5 and considered that cast a badge of honor. My next memorable fall was down the stairs. I ended up with a huge gash on my chin. I was about 10. I don’t remember any more falls until I moved into my house. Four times I have fallen down stairs: 2 inside, 2 outside. I broke a cheekbone and some teeth during the most memorable fall inside. The other falls only resulted in black and blues. I fell off a ladder outside and broke my shoulder bone. I was lucky with that one as my head just missed the top of a concrete wall. Another fall was down the outside backstairs and over the side. I knocked myself out but that was it.

I know I have mentioned that falling is part of my DNA, a gift from my father. Given my druthers, I would have preferred eye color.

We have a little sun today. I have to squint in the brightness. It is warm at 44˚. Tonight will be below freezing. Tomorrow night will be 13˚. I have no plans to go out for the rest of the week. I have plenty of food from Peapod yesterday and lots of books from the library.

I still have that damn laundry to do. I threw it down the cellar stairs yesterday.  Now, though, I actually have a real excuse for not doing it, and it has nothing to do with laziness or being a sloth. I can’t walk down any stairs because my knee, leg and foot hurt enough for me to complain out-loud, and how can I fold with one hand? I got a lot more out of this slide than I ever expected.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

November 6, 2014

Today is rainy but a dripping rain without any wind. It is the sort of day I’ve always loved. When I was a kid, I’d get home from school, take off my uniform and put on my pajamas as I knew I didn’t need my play clothes. I’d get cozy in bed and read the whole rest of the afternoon because upstairs was always quiet before dinner. The TV held everyone else’s attention. It was a wonderful alone time for me and my book.

Yesterday I had quite the scare, actually I am still worried. I was in the den when I heard something fall then I heard it again so I ran into the living room. Gracie was lying on the floor. Her eyes were wide with fright. I immediately grabbed her around the belly and picked her off the floor holding her so her feet were on the floor but I was keeping her standing. If I needed to, I was ready to carry her to the car, all 60 pounds of her. I was talking to her the whole time. She was shaking, and I told her to stop. She did. I walked her still holding on so she would know her legs could hold her. She started walking by herself. I checked and saw nothing wrong with her face, as in a stroke, or her legs and feet. I called my vets, and they told me to bring her right away. I ran upstairs to get dressed and Gracie followed and jumped on the bed to wait. She came downstairs on her own when I did. We went to the car. The vet saw nothing wrong but was keeping her for a while to do some tests. We speculated, the vet and I. The rug was a mess so she might have been going too fast and slid on the wooden floor to the rug. I’ve seen her feet slide before when she is fast-moving. The vet gave me a few other optimistic reasons. They did three tests, and the vet had the results of two: blood work and x-rays were fine. She’ll call today with the results of the third test.

My friend Tony, Uncle Tony to Gracie, knew I was supposed to go to dinner with some other friends so he volunteered to stay here with Grace to make sure she was okay. I couldn’t have been more thankful. When I got home, both he and Gracie were asleep: Tony in the chair and Gracie sprawled on the couch. He said she was fine all evening.

This morning was like every other morning. Gracie waited while I opened the front door so she could check the neighborhood, she then went to the back door and waited again. I opened it and she went out. When she came back in via the dog door, she wanted her morning treats. She is now having her morning nap on the couch snoring away with her head on a pillow. The vet hasn’t called yet.

Gracie will be nine in two weeks. My other boxers had just turned 8 when they passed away. I keep a close eye on Miss Gracie. I hope the last test is as good as the first two.

Today is a wait for the call day, but if we have time, we’ll go to the dump. Gracie will like that.

“I have recently taken up two new sports: roller skating and ankle spraining, in that order. I am getting quite good at both.

May 5, 2013

The day is chilly but still lovely with lots of sun and only a few clouds. On the way to breakfast I noticed trees with leaves and others with blossoms, some white and some pink. The flowers I saw in the front gardens as I drove by were bright and colorful. Yesterday I had a cardinal pair at my feeder. I hope they make the backyard a frequent stop. Gracie loves this weather and is outside a long time. Right now she is barking at something instead of being inside for her morning nap. The cats, though, are asleep. Nothing interrupts their morning snooze.

We aways called bikes with hand brakes and three gears English bikes though they weren’t made in England. My brother got the first one and his was a Schwinn. He got it for Christmas one year. It wasn’t under the tree but hidden in the kitchen to make it an added surprise. The first time he was sent to the kitchen, he didn’t turn on the light so he missed it. It was the second trip when he saw his new bike. His old bike had been one my parents bought second-hand. I remember the middle section was really thick and the bike was clunky so unlike the sleekness of the new bike. I’d get my own Schwinn a couple of years later. I remember trying to figure out when to use each gear. Three were difficult enough back then. I would never have been able to imagine ten or more.

Every kid I knew had three things: a bike, a sled and ice skates. Girls added one more: roller skates. I never saw boys with key skates you attached to your shoes, but I did see boys at the roller rink. I guess the rental skates seemed more masculine, a bit like hockey skates but with wheels.

When I skated around the neighborhood or in the parking lot at the top of the street, I never fell. Every now and then I’d have to stop to re-attach my skate to my shoe or to tighten it, but I was generally on my feet. A crack in the sidewalk sometimes did me in, but mostly I could skate for a long time without falling. The roller skating rink, though, was a different story. I fell all the time. I think it was the speed of the skates and the evenness of the floor. I’d go around maybe once or twice, if I was lucky, then I’d hit the floor. I was totally graceless when I fell. I went down hard. By the end of the evening, my pants were filthy from the frequent falls and my backside was a bit sore. I’d get home, and my mother would always ask if I had a good time. I always did falls notwithstanding.

“Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking.”

January 29, 2011

My life is beginning to seem like a semi-comic soap opera. The latest tragedy is I broke a tooth in half, one close to the front. It was because of a hard piece of candy: cinnamon in case you’re wondering. I’ll call my dentist on Monday if I haven’t broken a leg by then. I stayed in yesterday so I wasn’t locked out of the house.

When I was a kid, I broke one bone, my wrist, when I was five. About ten years ago I fell off a step ladder and broke bones in my shoulder (yup, a ladder again). Another time I fell off the side of the back steps, which are as high as my second floor. They didn’t have a rail. I stepped on something I couldn’t see in the dark and over I went. I knocked myself out, but I don’t know for how long. I was the only one there. I did get a sprained ankle once. It had to do with a mat and the front steps. The only car accident I’ve had was when I hit a small parking pole in the hospital parking lot. Going home I could only take rights. I did get a leg burn from my motorcycle pipe because the goats quickly changed direction and ran into me. I had stopped so they could pass. My sisters think I’m like my dad who was accident prone. There might be some truth in that, but I’ve had fewer home accidents, and I can wield a knife without cutting myself. Not once have I stuck my fingers in a whirring fan or sawed myself out of a tree. Mine are more antics than accidents.

I have to admit, though, that I am wary.

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