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“Fatigue had started to set in…and now my eyes showed it as I struggled to keep them open.”

October 22, 2015

Yesterday I had to go out. Gracie needed her heart medication, and I needed more cough syrup. The God of parking blessed me as I got a spot right in front of the drug store. I crossed the road, went inside and dragged myself to the back of the store to the pharmacy. My head was a ball of sweat (sorry for the graphic details. I should have warned you). After paying for her pills, I decided to adopt Gracie as my daughter so she can have an insurance card because the pills were almost $70.00. My medicine was far cheaper.

I had a couple of other errands on my list, but when I got back to the car, I crumbled the list and drove home. Today I am exhausted.

My friend left tomato basil soup and snickerdoodles on my front step yesterday. She, of course, knows the house is under quarantine or at least it should be. The soup was thick and delicious. It will be my dinner again today.

I’m about done here, I’m taking a sick day.

“She used to say she could taste sleep and that it was as delicious as a BLT on fresh French bread.”

August 19, 2013

This  morning was a put a mirror under her nose to see if she’s still breathing type of morning. The alarm woke me at 8 so I could go to breakfast at 9, but I called my friend and cancelled. I was just too tired. Going back to sleep was no problem nor was sleeping two more hours. Even Gracie and Fern settled back down on the bed with me; however, I’m now awake and they’re not. Both are having their morning naps: Fern in the sun and Gracie in her crate. I can hear Gracie’s snores all the way down the hall.

Yesterday my friends gave me a birthday dinner. We sat on the deck and played our card game, Phase 10, before dinner and I won. The crowd cheered. Okay, no crowd was there, but had they been, they would have cheered loudly and maybe even given me a standing O. During the game, it started to rain, but we stayed dry under the umbrella. We heard the best of sounds, the drops of rain hitting the umbrella above us. It would rain then stop for a while then rain again. After the game, we left the rain and the deck and went inside for dinner. I ate only a little as I wasn’t feeling tip-top, but I did manage to scoff down the desert: lemon brownies. I got a plateful of dinner to take home so I’ll enjoy it today.

The only low point of the evening was the Sox lost to the dreaded Yankees. At one point in the game, it looked as if there would be a melee. That was right after A-Rod got hit by the ball when he was at bat. The crowd cheered the hit on A-Rod then the benches cleared and the bullpens came in just in case, but nothing happened except Girardi got tossed out for throwing his hat on the dirt in front of the umpire while he was screaming at the guy for not tossing out the pitcher. I understand his anger but tossing his hat is a bit childish. A-Rod later hit a home run, his sort of revenge.

Today is a take it easy day. I have a chore or two, but nothing imperative. I’m even thinking I might have an afternoon nap. The day is sunny but pleasantly cool and tonight will be even cooler, a good night for sleeping. That sounds most appealing.