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“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

June 30, 2014

This morning I decided to haul my laptop to the deck. Usually I read the papers, drink my coffee and go back inside to write. Today, though, is so lovely I couldn’t bear to be in the house. Gracie, a creature of habit, did go back inside for her morning nap but joined me here after a while. She is now sleeping behind me in the shade of the giant scrub oak. The air is cool with a breeze strong enough to blow the pages of the paper away, but I caught them just before they went into the backyard. The birds were here earlier but have since moved on. The cheeky red spawn saw me go in and jumped onto the deck expecting to munch the seed without human intervention or the jet spray from the hose. When I came back out, it jumped onto a branch right by the deck and watched me for a while as if to dare me. In the showdown, I went for the hose. It leapt to another tree and kept going. We will both live to fight another day.

The paper was filled with choice tidbits. They have found a new deer tick borne disease which has yet to be named. I’m thinking Skip or maybe Ted. The great whites are back, and there is a three-year study to determine which of them return to the Cape every summer. I’m sure the seals would also love to know. The big front page news was about a state rep visiting his constituents before he begins his reelection campaign. He rides a Freego, the Chinese version of a Segway, to save gas. I’m thinking buying American would have been a better idea for a state rep. The article, otherwise boring, did give me a chuckle. An 81-year-old woman told him he needed exercise not a scooter. He answered like the politician he is and said we all need exercise.

This morning writing Coffee took me a long time because I was so easily distracted by everything around me, by the swish of the leaves blown by the wind, the irritated sounds of the impatient chickadees waiting their turns at the feeders, the chattering of the angry spawn, Gracie’s snoring and the sun and the flowers. I sometimes forget that no day is ordinary.