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“Sunday is the core of our civilization, dedicated to thought and reverence.”

February 23, 2014

The sun is elsewhere, but it is warm, winter warm. Only very small snow piles are left here and there. Earlier I gave Gracie a special biscuit which she then buried in the yard. I know that because Gracie came in with her face and jowls covered in dirt. I ran to clean her, but she shook off most of the dirt onto my cabinets and floor. I did manage to clean what was left off her face then I cleaned the floor. I’ve watched Gracie bury her prizes. First she digs a hole, drops in the biscuit then uses her nose to push the dirt back over the hole. Later she’ll bring in the most disgusting, dirty biscuit and eat it on my rug.

I’m getting itchy. This will be the second year I haven’t traveled because my bank account is almost non-existent so my austerity campaign has begun. A pair of pants I bought for my first trip to Ghana wore out at the crease on the leg so I used duct tape and you can’t even tell. My slippers have a hole in the toe so I put on socks. I figure I can save enough money to go back to Ghana in 2015. Besides, there isn’t really too much I need except maybe a new pair of pants come warmer weather. The duct tape gets sticky.

I am most decidedly bored today which is a good thing. No leaks, no car scrapes, no broken bones as of yet, but the week is young. Given my mood, I think it’s time to start playing Pollyanna’s happy game.

When I was growing up, I was content with a quiet Sunday. It was most decidedly a day of rest. Nobody did outside chores, the stores were all closed, and we were expected to stay around for dinner. The day started with mass then home and the paper though in those days I only read the funnies. I’d watch some TV or read until my mother called us to the table. Mashed potatoes were part of the meal every Sunday, and there was always gravy. I’d make a well in my potatoes and try not to let the gravy spill over the edge.  It was my weekly challenge on every quiet Sunday

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!”

December 20, 2013

Today is a lovely, warm winter’s day. Lots of birds are at the feeders, mostly goldfinches and chickadees. Gracie was in the backyard all morning, and when she came back inside, her mouth and chin were covered with dirt. Miss Gracie had taken the opportunity presented by the day to do a bit of digging. I suspect she buried the giant biscuit she got as a gift. I hate to think of what it will look like when she’s decided it’s prime for munching.

Yesterday was A Christmas Carol day. TCM had four different versions on during the day and evening. I watched two of them and have a third to watch later. The first I watched is my all time favorite, the Alastair Sim version released in 1951. I love watching Scrooge’s reclamation and his dance on Christmas morning. The second was an amazing version called Scrooge with Seymour Hicks which was released in 1935 and is the first of them with sound. Jacob Marley is unseen on-screen. He says only Scrooge can see him, and Scrooge looks at an empty chair while he and Marley converse. The best part of this movie is it gives a view of Victorian England and the contrast between the rich and the poor. One scene shows boys watching through a cellar window as a feast for lords and ladies is being prepared and then scraps are thrown through the same window to the boys who scramble for one. I love it when the Lord Mayor is asked if he wants to speak or did he want his guests to continue to enjoy themselves. Scrooge on Christmas morning is as merry as an angel, and there are scenes different from any other film. We watch Scrooge shave with a straight razor and nick his nose, throw his coat over his robe and night-shirt to go the butcher’s shop, and we meet the most charming of all his charwomen. Scrooge sits at his nephew’s Christmas dinner table after shedding a few tears standing at the Christmas tree. The next morning Cratchit is late as in every movie, but this time Scrooge sends Bob home with a raise and tells him to enjoy his family for the day. The last scene is in church where Scrooge sits in a pew and sees Cratchit beside him. He touches Bob’s sleeve and Bob touches Scrooge’s hand. That scene, so warm and loving, is the last in the movie.

I have a few grocery items to pick up but that’s my entire to-do list. The rest of the day will be leisurely. I’ll read, munch a few Christmas cookies my friend made and just delivered and I’ll drink some egg nog, laced just a bit. I’m thinking that sounds like the best of days.

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