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“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”

July 15, 2011

The day is so beautiful I couldn’t bear to go inside so my mac and I are on the deck and so is Gracie. She is in the shaded corner and is asleep so deeply the tip of her tongue is out. The day is filled with sounds. I can hear the different birds as if in stereo, and I can hear the rattle when they land on one of the larger feeders. The fountain, though, one of my favorite sounds was quiet until I added water. Gracie thinks it’s here for her as it is the exact right height. She drinks out of it often so I keep water on the deck for refilling purposes.

Last night was cold, sweatshirt cold, and my feet needed slippers before they got warm. It was 56°, September weather. Tonight will be in the 60’s, perfect for sleeping. A few days ago I had the AC blasting, and I couldn’t even stay on the deck for the heat.

Sometimes I want to be ten years old again. Nothing bothered me then. I didn’t care about the heat or the cold. Bugs were fun and grasshoppers were the most fun. In my mind’s eye I can still see the brown field below our house and the grasshoppers which jumped in front of our every step. Our hands were quick then and we could catch them in the air. Running through the field and catching brown grasshoppers was a game, and we always let them go.

When I was ten, every new day was filled with adventure. My future was the afternoon and never beyond it in time. We lived for that day and no further until the next day, and it too was the only day. Some nights we’d sleep in the backyard, but that always a spur of the moment decision. We’d put the old tarp my dad kept in the cellar over the grass and bring out pillows and blankets. I never felt the hardness of the ground. I was involved in the adventure.

When I was ten, every day was a wonder. Since my retirement, almost every day is mine, and I am again finding that sense of wonder, but unlike the ten year old me, I have to plan and make appointments, and I begrudge losing even a minute of my day. I do more spur of the moment things than I have in years, but sleeping on the hard ground doesn’t happen to be one of them.